Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I Am A Rock

Dearest bloggers.

First off, I'm ill. And I'm not even a hypochondriac, because I'm not. It's just that I am ill and it's summer (which, might I add, is uncharacteristically hot that it's not even funny anymore), so it's not particularly ideal. Do I sound ratty? I feel ratty. Not only that, but my hayfever is flaring up again and no amount of loratadine will protect my eyes from becoming all red and blotchy. I tried eye drops the other day, I have officially caught Rachel Green disease (Friends reference, if you didn't get that).

Anywho, despite much blowing my nose off and sniffling and coughing, I do have some good news. I had the last GCSEs that I will have this year (Chemistry, Physics and Biology) on Monday. The relief is so overwhelming that I want to hug all of you, but I won't in case I infect you all with my horrible pathogens. Yeah, I'm contagious, in the truest sense of the word.

I also had a magnificent weekend, despite my failing immune system. I chilled out on Friday and then I went out in the afternoon on Saturday with some family friends. We went to Pizza Express and I had a goats' cheese, spinach and cameralised onion pizza and then a caramel sundae thing, it was very yummy. I got back at about nine, but then my mother, sister and I went on an adventure with some more of our friends and we stayed out until like one a.m., I love my family!

And seeing as I didn't want to be boring and do an all text post (because words are like, so overrated), here's a photo of the lovely Louis Vuitton wallet that my mum's friend gave her since she never used it. My mother is besotted with it and I'm happy because I get to share it with her!


Also a few photos of me whilst I was bored at home (before the dreaded illness kicked in)!

Currently, I have English coursework to do, but it's not too bad. Thanks for all the lovely comments on my review, by the way, they've been included in my coursework (no need for any panicked faces!) so all is good. I'm going on holiday soon after school ends (23 days!) so yeah, all is good. Life is pretty good if I don't factor in the illness and the hot weather. I hope everyone else is having a lovely summer and enjoying the hot weather instead of being a moody grouch like myself. I promise I'll be back to normal soon enough. Gonna try and have me a nice week, read some books and chill out and then I'm off to a celebratory sleepover on Friday with my friends.

Happy blogging and have a great week!
Chloe xxx

P.S. This post is sort of a dedication to the lovely, lovely, lovely Sarah Starlight (AKA Sarah Fennell, AKA coolest, most inspirational girl in the entire world) at Austentatious Memoirs. She is honestly the most eloquent, articulate person I know and she is a sweetheart. Check out her Literary Hideaway post, because it's a crime not to.

P.P.S. The title of the post is sort of the song which is keeping me alive (not literally, obviously), because I want to remind myself that I am a rock. Rocks are cool and I want to be a rock, because I'm pretty sure that rocks are healthy and don't get ill. Also, Simon & Garfunkel rock. I'm off for some Vitamin C, water and a box of tissues. How much more quintessentially ill do I want to get? I know.


  1. "because words are like, so overrated" THAT made me laugh and that is why you're awesome.

    i love that you stayed out way late with the fam :-)

    feel better, doll!!

  2. Oh man I love that pizza! I tried it once because my friend was like, you always get the same thing! Why not try a new one? So, I went for the close my eyes and point technique and that arrived. And it turned out to be luuuush!
    Congrats on finishing your GCSEs but not on the illness. Not cool. Wait till you get to uni and get fresher's flu. It's hilarious! Everyone gets it at one time or another in september and we all look shitty all at once. It's like, bonding or something. You can spot a fresher from a mile off. I'm like..oh DAYUM! Look at her eyes. Poor kid got freshers flu. ^_^
    Haha. Get better soon! x

  3. Oh gosh you are so lucky to have received such an awesome gift!

    Hope you feel better soon so that your can enjoy your break! :)

  4. Holy moly! Nice gift! I wish my mum's friends gave her Louis Vuitton wallets ;) I hope you feel better soon~

  5. hope you get better soon !

    im loving your blog , its brilliant , Ive been going back and reading your past posts too , loving it !

    keep on writing !

  6. I hope you get better soon love! hayfever is such an annoying thing! i hate it when my nose goes all tickly!

    LOVE this post, as normal, & thank your for the shout out you absolute doll!


  7. Hey, Chloe
    YOUR ONLY 14 wowza.... you seem so much olderr!! you have lots of time to find the perfect dress for when your in year 11!! I'm having a gap year so i have a few years before my next balls, so its really sad i have to wait so long, but my gap year should be lots of fun. I had my last exam so im offically an old girl at jcg (jersey college for girls) :(

    Hope you feel better soon feeling rubbish in the summer is never any fun :(

    lots of love Em


  8. Hey Chloe, you rock!!
    Its excellent the wallet!
    The colour, everything.



  9. I was going to buy that lv purse the other day! It's gorgeous, I ended up buying a bag instead :)

    I have finally got around to answering your questions! I hope you feel better soon.

    Laura xx


  10. Aw, I hope you feel better soon.

    Congratulations on the last of your GSCE's!

    x Jasmine

  11. whoa..... I know we seem to share similar interests... but when you listed the ingredients to that pizza, I literally gasped. That is my all time favourite pizza. Padana... mmmmmmm. I want you now!

    Congrats on the GCSE's, I can relate. I am feeling soooooooo happy right now, so relaxed and just enjoying myself, which is nice. Sorry to hear you're sick... this is obviously making you slowly resent the summer heat and pretty flowers huh.... hold in there! As for sarah starlight.. I love that woman too. Her blog 'rocks' - getting in on the theme of your post ;)

    speak again soon X


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