Saturday, 19 June 2010

Louie Louie

Hey bloggers! So this week went pretty quickly and now I can't wait for Monday to be over since that will mean that IT is over foreverrrrr! I'm missing a wedding on Monday because of my exams, which is pretty rubbish, but it can't really be helped. Other than that, I've just been chilling this weekend and getting into a huge hype about the upcoming summer holidays: I already have so many plans that it's insane! Last summer, I spent weeks on end doing nothing and that's what prompted me to start a blog. (See! Good things do come out of boredom!) Anyway, my summer is going to be extra packed with a trip to London in the first or second week, then a trip to Manchester sometime, fun times with friends and then my trip to America on August 7th. I'm already making a list of things to buy over there, because America has everything and it's all so much cheaper!

Here are a few photos which I took last night at like ten o'clock. I absolutely love the summer night sky.

I was also in the car with my mother earlier in the week and I took a few more photos:

Song of the day is my title post: Louie Louie by The Kingsmen. Check the song out, it makes me want to get up and dance, even though I know it's not the best idea - I have no rhythm and my dancing skills are non-existent. Sorry to disappoint. Also featured on my Recently Played playlist are The Stranglers, Simon & Garfunkel (Greatest Hits, amazing), Joy Division and some Al Green!

Not much else to say, I'll be posting again next week maybe and then I'll be posting a review (as part of my media coursework!) Anyway, hi to my new followers, fellow bloggers, readers, et cetera. Hope you're all having a great weekend. Happy blogging!
Chloe xxx

P.S. My review for media coursework is definitely coming in my next post.


  1. Great captures and I love your little shoesies. ^_^

  2. I was wandering the streets last night, at about nine, and seriously it was like broad daylight. I'm loving this summer ^^,

  3. Love the pictures of the sky, they are so cute!! and such amazing colours!!

    I so know how you feel with the exam stress. I have my psychology exam on monday and im going to be content with a U or an E its so hard i just cant do it :(

    i promise i will update somepoint next week

    Love Em

  4. gorgeous pictures!!! it looks liek that from my balcony in the evening as well :D

    love your shoes too


  5. such beautiful photos-keep up the great work
    also love the boots!

  6. i love the summer night sky, all the different colours that subtly blend one into another, oh its so pretty :)

    i know i've said this before but i love those shoes, im so jealous! :/

    heres to you, mrs robinson, jesus loves you more will no, oh oh oh

    love the blog, (as always)

  7. Beautiful skies!

    Awesome playlist, yay new music. :)

    I am liking the snapshop of your outfit, wish I could see the rest.

    As always, I look forward to your future posts. Have a lovely week!

  8. hey chloe, those are such great photos, i particularly love the first one, it reminds me of BBQ season. Goodluck with your early GCSE's, I imagine you'll do fab! As for the summer, I am so jealous of all of your plans!!! London, Manchester, America!!!?? I frikin have to stay here all summer, working full time! I can't even make it to any festivals :( I guess it will all pay off on my 6 month excursion around the world heheehe.

    louie louie is a great tune! And i'm so impressed your into Al Green!!! Absolute legend...

    Beau XX

  9. Where are your brown shoes from Chloe? They are fab, I love your style.

    I can't wait to hear about your trips and see what you buy!

    Pics are fab as always.

    Laura xx


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