Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Summer Lovin'

Hello, hello! Long time no see! So my original idea to really get back into blogging this summer hasn't really played out the way I imagined. But that isn't to say that I haven't had a really lovely summer so far. It's definitely been another one of those cases where life has simply been too busy to even contemplate sitting down to document it all. Which, in a way, is a little sad, because I really do love making little records of the things I've done and the places I've been. But sometimes you just have to go with the flow and enjoy the life that's going on right in front of you!

Since my summer holiday started waaay back at the end of June, I have spent just over two wonderful weeks in Taiwan. I'm really close with my family, particularly my maternal family, so my mum, sister, brother, aunties, uncles and cousins all set off to Taiwan together on July 9th. It was so lovely to be able to spend time with my cute baby/toddler cousins, as well as explore the local area in Taipei and eat some really amazing food. I also loved visiting the local markets, both in the daytime and at night. I managed to pick up quite a few bargains, which I'll hopefully try and photograph to share with you all soon.

^^^ Sunset at Baishawan beach ^^^
^^^ Delicious food! I believe this cost maybe £3, which is so cheap (but actually kinda expensive for Taiwan standards). ^^^
^^^ Spending the day in beautiful Danshui ^^^

I am planning to upload a photo diary of some sort with lots more photos from Taiwan, but being the lazy person that I have been this summer, that's just something I'll have to get round to in the next few weeks. I'm excited to get some prints done of my photos too.

I can't quite believe that we're almost halfway through August. Time is going by far too quickly for my liking! Results day is literally just around the corner, but I'm trying to keep busy to preoccupy my mind. Since I've been back from holiday, I've been mostly chilling out and have been meeting up with friends when I can, as well as doing a massive clear out, which has proven to be very satisfying! I've also gotten back into drawing and scrapbooking, which is always a nice feeling. Hopefully I'll be able to make some more time for blogging again too!

Hope you're all having a wonderful summer so far. Happy blogging!

Chloe. X