Wednesday, 9 July 2014

I'm back!

It has officially been 4 months since I last posted... And I'm finally back! Since I last posted, quite a few things have happened:

I finally finished school forever, after seven years of secondary education! The last couple of days of school were so much fun. It's been a tradition at my school that on the penultimate day, everyone dresses up as some sort of character, whether it be from a film, a book, a video game or whatever. I dressed up as Cho Chang from Harry Potter hahaha, which I thought was a pretty cool character. (I went all out with a cape and I even made a snazzy wand out of a paintbrush. Dedication right there.) Some of my friends dressed up as Mario, NUTELLA(!), pink ladies, Red Riding Hood, Dorothy, flapper girls... It was such a fun day seeing everyone all dressed up in funny costumes. Then, as is customary on the very last day of school, we all wore our old school uniforms (as opposed to business dress, which is what we have to wear in Sixth Form)! My old school blazer was still about 4 sizes too big as, like most mothers, my mum bought my blazer in a bigger size with the intention that I would grow... But the truth is that I genuinely haven't grown since Year 7. I'm pretty much the same size as I was 7 years ago, which is a depressing fact haha.

^^^ Me and my lovely friends on Dress Up Day ^^^

During the majority of June, I also sat eleven A-level exams, most of which were, without a doubt, the most difficult exams I have ever taken. Revision was absolutely horrendous and some of my exams went okay, whereas some of them were pretty damn awful. There's nothing I can do now - all I can do is hope that I did enough to get into LSE. Results day is on August 14th, but I'm trying not to think too much about that. I'm just gonna try and enjoy the next month or so.

^^^ End-of-exams selfie! ^^^

It feels so weird that this chapter of my life is now over. This is gonna sound so incredibly cheesy, but I have learnt so much in the last 7 years. It hasn't always been easy, but I feel so fortunate to have made lifelong friends that I know I'll stay in touch with for a very long time. I'm hoping that this year will see the beginning of a new chapter at university (provided that I get the grades) and a new adventure.

In other news... I finally managed to save up for a DSLR camera, the Nikon D3200! It was just meant to be as it was finally on sale for a really good price and also came with a free kit with a spare battery and a few other little bits and bobs. I have absolutely loved taking photos with it so far and can't wait to get to grips with the different settings so that I can start learning how to take really nice photos.

^^^ Me featuring my beautiful new camera. (Apologies for the dirty mirror!) ^^^

Also, in the last couple of weeks since I finished my exams, I've just spent some nice quality time with friends and family, which has been lovely. I also had my Upper Sixth Leavers' Ball which was such a fun night. I'm sure I'll have some photos up soon!

Aaaand finally... Just to let you all know that I'm actually heading to Taiwan tomorrow, which I am super excited for (even though the weather forecast is predicting thunderstorms in Taipei... and England is actually sunny for once). I really can't wait to explore that wonderful city again and take in all the culture and eat lots of fantastic food! 

Hopefully I'll have a chance to blog while I'm out there. And hopefully I'm back for good on this lil' old blog of mine. Hope you're all well!

Chloe. X