Thursday, 22 October 2009

Half Term

Hi guys, sorry for the lack of posting yet again. Just been super busy lately! By the way, thanks for all those lovely comments on my previous post, really appreciate all of it! :-)

So last weekend, I had a really good time with my friends at a friend's birthday sleepover. It was good fun and was a good weekend after a great school week. On the Sunday, after the sleepover, I went to town with my sister and mum - had a good time and I got a new black jumper from Zara and a dress in sale at Urban Outfitters for £10 each. I'll have to put some pictures of those up. Also, I got a new memory card for my camera, for Rome. :-)

Below is a picture of my outfit on Saturday (so that this post isn't completely bogged down with words):
Denim jacket - Gap (Hand-me-down); Jeans - DKNY (Hand-me-down); Grey jumper - Gap (£10); Brogues - Costume National via eBay (£20); Belt - Moschino (Hand-me-down)

So I've almost packed all of my stuff... I'm going to Rome tonight (well, early Friday morning but still) and I'm so excited. It's apparently gonna be about 24 degrees in the day, which is amazing compared to rainy England at the moment!

Here is a picture of my lovely Italy hoody that I'll be wearing on the plane and stuff..

I doubt I'll do any more posts whilst I'm away... Again, sorry about the lack of posting. Hopefully when I'm in Rome, I can maybe get some internet time. I'm really excited! Gotta do my hand luggage later but yeah. Hope that all those in England have a lovely half term and those who live elsewhere have a great week.


Saturday, 17 October 2009

Flicking fire like saltwater into my eyes

So it's the weekend once again... I've been so so so inactive this past week, sorry! 

I've had a weekload of tests, hence the lack of blogging! My week has been pretty good actually. I got chosen for Gifted and Talented in Art! I was really happy when my name got called out in class... Also, my sister and a couple of my friends were chosen so that's really good

Friday was really good too, we had Music which is always a doss lesson (my group's composition was easily the worst one out of the whole form). Then we had art and just worked on our shoes in mixed media (pencil crayon, wax crayon and watercolour). Then I had Latin, I.T., French and Maths. Because we're ahead of the curriculum in Maths, my teacher let us have a Maths quiz, we were in teams of 6 - I was with Neesh, Matt, Tom, Bal and Ryan and we won! We all won a chocolate bar each haha, great end to a good week. :D
It was also my two good friends' birthday, Abi and Conrad, on Friday so that was good as well. :-)

Today, I've got Abi's sleepover today, which should be good. We're gonna have some old school party games like pass the parcel, haha. Also, I'm gonna be going to Rome in like just over 5 days and I'm SO psyched! It's gonna be so much fun. Final meeting on Tuesday lunch and hopefully we're getting our hoodies too :-)

Also, I was up til 2 trying to do my art homework (finish exploring mixed media).. Here are some pictures of my work:
I like painting :)
Can you tell that I REALLY REALLY REALLY hate using wax crayons?!

Would love some feedback on these pieces, thank you!

So I'm gonna start doing songs for my blog posts to mix it up a little. The song for this one is also the title. It is 'Sleepyhead' by a really wicked electronica/techno-ey band called Passion Pit. They're really amazing so I advise you all that if you don't know who they are, to Google them now!


Sunday, 11 October 2009


Hello to my 14 followers! Thanks to all of you who are following me, it's so nice of you all. :-D I really love reading all of your lovely, sweet comments too - one of the main reasons why I love having a blog. :-)

Sooo, my weekend has been pretty chilled, I've just been trying to revise for my upcoming tests and also to try and do some I.T. coursework. But I thought I'd do an outfit post to put at least a little bit of excitement into my life at the moment. It's also the special debut moment for my wonderful new brogues! :-)
Top - Gap (£5); Denim shorts - Levi's (Hand-me-down); Belt - Moschino (Hand-me-down); Brogues - Costume National via eBay (£20)

Also -- only 12 days until I go to Rome! I literally can't wait - I'm already planning all the outfits that I can wear whilst I'm there.. Gonna soak up all the Roman culture and everything. But right now, I'm revising and I'm feeling like so many things are out of my reach! My dream is to go to Christ Church College, Oxford Uni when I'm older, as my aunties and uncle went there.. What are your goals for the future?


Saturday, 10 October 2009

New brogues and apple pie love

So it's Saturday once again and I feel like doing a long blog post today, while trying to procrastinate. Here's a recap of this week:

Monday: I think it's really hard to have a good Monday because it's always the beginning of the week and Friday seems so far away. I just went to school as normal and not much really happened, I suppose.
Tuesday: Tuesday was pretty good, I had double Food Tech and we were making apple pies, which was fun! Also, I had asked my uncle to bid on a pair of shoes off eBay for me as I don't have an account. At lunchtime, I went to check emails and I found out that I'd won the shoes!
Wednesday - Pretty normal day, I didn't really do much.
Thursday - Again, very average.
Friday - SHOES ARRIVED!!! These are my lovely new Costume National Brogues:
Here is also a picture of my apple pie:
I had it with Mackie's ice-cream, of course. It was so nice, if I do say so myself. :)

So it's officially October and only 13 more days until I'm going to Rome. It's gonna be so amazing! But right now, I have to worry about impending French and Maths tests and the deadline for my first piece of I.T. coursework! October's been fine, I like the fact it's getting colder, but hate that the nights are getting so much shorter, nothing to do! Hope you all have had a lovely week, and have a lovely weekend!