Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Just a quick one today! Got back from London / St. Albans yesterday, but I just wanted to show you the first two pages of my Moleskine sketchbook, after harping on about getting one for so long! I've done quite a bit more since this was taken, but just wanted to show you the first two pages. :-) The other two photos are some random ones that were taken at the start of the holidays when I went out for the day.

First two pages of my Moleskine sketchbook!

Top - Gap (Hand-me-down)
Blazer - Marc by Marc Jacobs (Gift)
Shorts - Levi's (Hand-me-down)
Shoes - Doc Martens (Gift)
Bag - Gucci (Hand-me-down)

Just realise that the outfit I'm wearing was entirely free of charge, I am so lucky to have such fashionable family members (mostly my mum and my aunties)!

Anyway, like I said earlier, yesterday I got back from a lovely few days in London / St. Albans with family and visiting friends. Unfortunately, I've had a cold which has spanned from the start of the trip up until the present day, which means that I was indeed ill for the duration of my visit. I'm still feeling under-the-weather now, but slowly recuperating (I hope!). I tried to not let my poor immune system get me down and I really did enjoy my time away. Now to try and not think about the impending doom and gloom of SCHOOL on September 1st. But for now, I've got to think about motivating myself to check off the many things on my To Do List before my time is up. Also, GCSE results on Thursday to worry about too. Wish me luck!

Hope you're all well. Happy blogging!

Chloe xxx


  1. oh gosh, your hair is so beautifully long! those drawings are lovely as well :) hope you had a good time! xx

  2. lovely drawings! experimenting with typography is always fun. hope your scores turned out well!

  3. Ohh these are beautiful! You look so cute O_O! Hope you've recovered from your cold :(

    Oh golly you make me feel so old when you said about going backn to school O_O! I remember always getting my shoes measured in clarks for new shoes when i was younger!

    Hope your GCSE results went ok! xxx

  4. SUPER cute outfit!

    I love your hair too. It's so beautiful and long!

    x Jasmine


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