Sunday, 16 May 2010

White Walls

I can't believe I'm up this early on a Sunday, but yeah, I thought I might as well write a blog post whilst I'm up. So I was ridiculously glad to see Friday and the end of the school week, but now it's Sunday all over again and the coming weeks seem ridiculously daunting. I want to sleep and do nothing except watch telly and read books. Revision is the worst kind of work possible, I'm not even kidding. Other than that though, things have been pretty boring and non-eventful.
The main reason that I felt like blogging today was that I wanted to share some really beautiful photos with you, of rooms with white (or cream) walls in. These photos are pretty much exactly how I imagine my house to be when I'm older.

(All photos copyrighted to Light Locations)

I'm in love with all of the photos. And now I'm going to be all sentimental and get all nostalgic looking at old photos on my laptop. I really miss having photos which you can hold and touch and get annoyed at others for smudging their fingerprints all over them. There's something great and tangible about them. I really wanna get an old film camera; something like a Holga or a Diana F+ or maybe even a Fuji Instax. I always wanted a Polaroid, but since the film is so expensive, I doubt it'd really be worth it. Maybe I should wait to save up for an actual DSLR before I can start thinking about stuff like that!

Anyway, that's it really. I hope you like the photos and I'll be back to blogging later on, either this week or definitely next weekend. Happy rest of Sunday and I hope your week will be a great one. Happy blogging!

Chloe xxx

P.S. I wanted to share a new blogger with you guys, Sarah Starlight from Austentatious Memoirs. She is currently in Lower Sixth at my school and has always been incredibly supportive of my blog -- so thank you, Sarah! Not only that, but she literally just started blogging, which I was so happy to hear, and she will give you an insight into all things Irish, literature-ish, art-ish, fashion-ish, music-ish, poetic-ish and Sarah-ish. In her own words, she is a "self confessed literature lover, aspiring artist, tea addict and she really wishes she could play the ukulele." I think that's reason enough why you should go visit her blog.


  1. I love the combination of white walls and wooden floors so much. Those houses are lovely!

  2. Amazing photo's!
    I love the first one!

  3. Those pictures are so good! The kitchens are beautiful. Definitely something to aim for when I'm older :)

  4. Really like the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th ones in that little mix up of photos. I think the Zone Studio is just too white for me, and I'm so damn clumsy, I need a floor that'll hide all my paint drips and food spills. Hahaha.
    Good luck with the revision. It was never something I did properly. I'd sit in my room and stare at my books but nothing happened so I gave up and went out instead.
    Um..but don't listen to me, keep on revising. I'm just a lazy slacker. ^_~

  5. pretty pretty pictures, to live somewhere like that! Fab blog, definitely be back! Come follow TBAG if you fancy. Bon weekend!! xxx

  6. OHH!! i love 1,5, and 6.
    they are gorgeous!!
    mmm..haha gross tans appear everywhere in newport beach, california, USA. you do NOT want one XD
    i seriously look like paris hilton (but you can't see it in my latest post haha)

    thanks for being such an avid follower! <3

  7. Hello Chloe!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the follow - now following you too!

    Ah camera dilemmas...
    Thanks for your suggestion about the Lumix GF-1. I actually already own the Lumix LX3, which is one step down from the GF-1, and doesn't have interchangeable lenses. A great camera though! :)
    I'm glad to read you are looking at buying a lomo! A lot of professional photographers pay out lomo cameras because they are 'toy cameras'. The Diana and the Holga take identical photos in my opinion, and the Holga is less expensive - plus it has a built in 4 colour flash on the 120 CFN model. You can pick one up on eBay for cheap! That's where I got my first one about 4 years ago =D

    I've also been looking at the Fuji Instax! They take adorable little photos, and the film is a lot less expensive and more available than polaroid film :)

    About the DSLR's - I agree, the 500D does look very good. The only drawback for me is that it's considered an entry level camera, and I want to challenge myself a little. And the D90 looks great of course! If you discover any other good ideas for DSLRs please do let me know so I can check them out :)

    Looking forward to your next post ~
    xx Sofie

  8. I love white interiors. We originally planned to paint our walls white, but after we painted sections of our walls in different rooms to get a feel of it we realised it didn't fit the feel of our house :( We own an old wooden cottage made in 1910, so the white was too harsh.

    I need to print out my photos! My albums go up until around 2004 and then everything becomes computer based!

    x Jasmine

  9. you like white walls?
    get your bum over to my dads house then!
    you'd love the living room :)

    also, i cant wait to read sarahs blog.
    I officially hate you both for distracting my revision... :) x

  10. hey, thanks for the follow and for the comment, I hope it's not so bad that I write german on my Blog ;)
    now I following you too :)
    I like your Blog.

    xx Lisa

  11. haha, but I love english! :)

  12. I haven't been on your blog for so so long!
    These are such beautiful photos, wooweee girl! :o
    Panda xx

  13. ahh these are amazing. Such beautiful pictures!

    Also your lovely, great blog!
    Following, hope you'll follow back it you like ;)

    Cheers beautiful!

  14. I love, love, love white walls, especially with really colorful accents. So pretty!

    I made my blog private and wanted to invite you to read along, so send me your e-mail address at!

  15. YOu have the most beautiful photos i've seen , I'm feeling rather inspired. Ready to start remodeling my room. LOL.

    xx bisous

    btw: awesome blog

  16. the fourth one is lovely,so chic following :)

    x courtney

  17. My god, those rooms are beautiful! And you're so right, revision is the worst kind of work, it's utter crap.
    I love REAL photos that you can hold and touch, there's nothing better. I really want a new camera too, that'll be going on my birthday list!

    Have a nice week, remember to take lots of breaks in between revision. It will all be over soon!

    Thanks for za comments :)

    Mads xoxo

    P.s I'll definitely be checking out Sarah's blog!

  18. hey, i stumbled across your blog from 'it's okay to procrastinate' and i'm so glad i did! I have been desperate to get my hands on a polaroid camera - you used to be able to get them for 50p from charities shops around where i live, but i missed out. Apparently they're redistributing polaroid film in 2010 so the price should go way down, hurrah! anyhow, i am now following :)!


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