Saturday, 24 September 2011

More Than Letters

Whoops, I haven't posted in almost two weeks. So, you could say I've been more than a bit of a recluse lately, especially on the whole blogging front. School has been exactly as I'd expected: overwhelming. This year, I am studying so many subjects:
Maths FSMQ, A.S. English Language, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Latin, Art, History, French, R.S., A.S. General Studies, as well as compulsory (but not assessed) P.S.E. and P.E. To add to my already massive workload, I've decided to opt for English Lit IGCSE which I will have to study during my own time and after school. I am definitely feeling the pressure of studying all the subjects whilst still trying to juggle what is left of my social life and extra-curricular activities.

So as you can imagine, I'm feeing pretty run down and tired right now.


This weekend, I will be spending the whole time in my pyjamas and Ralph Lauren cable knit jumper (pictured above), drinking tea, eating toast and trying to bring myself to do the masses of homework / coursework that I have to get done. Also, listening to City and Colour on repeat goes without saying. One positive note about being in September is that I can see Autumn just around the corner. Even though the days are already getting shorter and colder, I can't wait until I can wrap up in a scarf and sketch the browning leaves on the trees.

My ideal Autumn day would consist of lunch at Urban Pie to warm me up, a hot latte from Starbucks and wearing my big red Burberry duffel coat whilst looking through the shop windows. Sigh.

Happy blogging
Chloe xxx


  1. Wow it sounds like you're extremely busy, I don't envy you haha. I love your jumper though and a hot latte sounds perfect xxx

  2. Ahh, well! Good luck with your homework!

  3. Best of luck with all your work! Despite living in the US, I take AICE International Exams and thus feel your pain. This year (as a 12th grader in high school) I am taking Chemistry, Physics, AS and A Level English Lit, Psychology, AS and A Level Thinking Skills and General Paper. :)


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