Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Chloe, Infinite?

Dress - Marc Jacobs sale
Shoes - Faith sale (£3!)
Denim jacket - Gap (hand-me-down)
Leather bag - Louis Vuitton (hand-me-down from mother)
This is my sister, Christy. She is wearing:
Jacket - Forever21 (hand-me-down)
Black jumper - Don't know?
Shorts - Asos
Leggings - H&M
Loafers - Portobello Market


Greetings! So I'm thinking of maybe changing my blog around a bit, maybe change the title to something related to my URL (www.chloeinfinite.blogspot.com) because when I first chose that, I always had the idea of me and my words being stuck in the World Wide Web for infinity. I feel like a bit of a change and incorporating those ideas into a new blog name. Something like 'Chloe, Infinite' or perhaps 'Chloe's Infinity'. I'm a bit stuck on ideas, but those two seem the best. Also thinking of changing my header picture too. Or maybe I should just keep things as they are?

Any ideas?
They'll be gratefully received!

Also, the above photos are just of what I was wearing when I went out on Sunday with some family friends. The weather was so lovely and the sun was shining so brightly so I decided to brave the temperature and go bare-legged (which I haven't done since the summer!) We went to Caffe Nero for some lunch and it was just a really lovely day.

Anyway, yes, please let me know about what I can do to renovate and improve my blog. Any comments, good or bad, are welcome and I would really like to start blogging properly now, with proper features, reviews, etc. So yeah, please advise me on what I should talk about! Hope you're all having a lovely week and happy blogging! :-)

Chloe xxx

P.S. I'm sure that everyone is aware of the situation in Japan. My aunty lives there with her husband
, but fortunately she is in Hawaii and due to fly to Hong Kong soon. All my thoughts are with the people in Japan and I really hope that things get better soon. I'm starting some charity work with my mum's friend and we're going to start fund-raising for Japan. Please click here to donate to the Red Cross's appeal for Japan.


  1. your dress is lovely! and both you and sister are really pretty :) i love the idea of the blog name change to chloe's infinity, it's really pretty

  2. I like the idea of changing your blog name to "Chloe, Infinite"! It has a really nice sound to it.

    WHat kind of look do you want to go for with your blog? I like really simple looks, which is why my blog is all neutral except the green wording in my header. Do you have a photo that makes you feel infinite? Maybe you could use something like that, or a medley of photos to make some sort of a collage?

    So glad to hear that your Aunty wasn't in Japan when the tsunami hit.

    x Jasmine

  3. you and your sis are both so stylish!
    Love your dress and your sister's pants!


  4. Hi, I'm a Brazilian follower of your blog! I love the way that you describe your life. The both options for a new blog title sound really good. I think that you could use a simple drawing or picture made by yourself as blog header. bye

  5. I really like 'Chole's Infinity' - I think it rolls well off the tounge. :)

    Also your dress is fantastic, and also your friends shorts! I'm a real shorts person so I'd love a pair of those haha.

    Katie. x

  6. you girls are adorable! :)

    & though I really do enjoy the current Chloe in Reality, I would go with Chloe's Infinity.

  7. I totally love both outfits...great post, hun!


  8. i love your denim jacket. i've been looking for one lately and this one is fabulous.


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