Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Happy birthday to me!

Hi all! Just a pretty quick post to let you know that I am officially a fifteen year old! To be honest, I think I've changed quite a lot, but I don't really know. I've had a fantastic year of being fourteen. I went to America and experienced so many fantastic things, I travelled round Chicago and then New York where I watched Wicked on Broadway. I did really well socially and academically and it's been a real blessing. I learnt a lot and I just feel kind of worldly and mature now, haha. I feel extremely grateful for having such a great family and equally great friends. Everything that was wrong with the world last year has slowly righted itself. Sure, not everything is perfect, but I am really content right now.

And better yet, I have seen this blog blossom and I love being able to write what I want, whenever I want. It's been great to know all of you guys through this blog too and I am looking forward to another year of great things.

And because I'm not such a great fan of word-overload, here are a couple of pictures of me.
Chloe. At fifteen years old.


I'm gonna be celebrating my birthday (and my non-identical twin's, I almost forgot to add!) on Saturday with my family and friends at Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Really excited to celebrate it and yeah. Hope the rest of your week is good! Happy blogging :-)

Chloe xxx


  1. oh happy birthday! have a great one!

    The Flower Girl


  2. happy birthday chloe, hope this year has been eventful and wonderful for you! <3


  3. Happy bithday! Hope you have awonderfulyear :)

  4. happy birthday! hope you had a wonderful day and have an amazing year being 15!

  5. Happy birthday.
    I love the blog and I've given you a versatile blogger award.x

  6. Whee, happy birthday! I hope you had a fantastic day!

    x Jasmine

    PS. Happy birthday to your sister too!


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