Thursday, 14 January 2010


Oh how I love the capital city of England -- London! It's such a busy city and also the place where everything happens. I love the whole idea of leading a fast-track life there and almost everyone is stylishly dressed! I recently spent the last few days in London (in the Christmas holidays) with some family and I stayed in West Hampstead, a nice area which is relatively close to the centre!

After a two/three hour train delay due to a 'fatality' in Cheddington, we got to the flat at about half eleven on 27th December 2009. Thankfully, on arrival we were presented with lovely gammon steaks which I wolfed down as I was super hungry! Then, we stayed up getting settled in, had a shower, watched TV and went on the laptop for a bit. We opened a few presents too and played some charades, some Guitar Hero, pulled some crackers and such; I got a £10 Accessorize voucher too, yaaay! After a tiring day, I got to bed at about 3.30 am!

 The next morning, after an unearthly start at about 10 am, we got up and had bacon sarnies, then got dressed, brushed our teeth and went into the back garden to look at the chickens. Then, we were out the front door and got on the bus to Oxford Street! Here, we stopped off at various shops; Uniqlo, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, H&M, Zara, Gap... Everywhere was pretty much jam-packed; the most ridiculous of all was Topshop, it was SO crowded in there with everyone rushing round for the sales.

Then, a rest from shopping was needed, so we went for a drink and a snack in Caffe Nero; I had a nice caramelatte... but I tried some of the Chai Latte that my aunty had and it was surprisingly enjoyable. I'm gonna try another one of those again! The sit down was exactly what we needed and the cheese and tuna paninis were lovely. Not to mention, the view of Oxford St from where we were sitting in the window seat was amazing.

More shopping commenced and finally, we were all shopped out. Then later on, we went to Trocadero for bowling and then dinner in a Chinese restaurant. Then, we got on the tube/bus to go to the O2 Centre, for shopping in Sainsbury's. Unfortunately, it was closed so we got back to the flat in W. Hampstead, and made some lovely banana muffins. We stayed up, eating the muffins, watching some telly and then playing an epic game of Scrabble! Overall, it was a brill night, albeit another late one; turning in at around 3-4 am again.

The next day, the weather was so miserable, I can't quite believe how horrible it was. We went to some local charity shops on West Hampstead high street. I didn't really see anything that I liked but my sister, Christy, bought a nice chunky knit jumper. Then, we went to Covent Garden for yum char in China Town, which was so yum, and then we went to do some more shopping! I got a skirt in the sale from Urban Outfitters, which I shall be sure to post in a later date... Then, we stayed in Covent Garden, looked at some markets, went to Pop Boutique and then went to have a nice hot drink in a cafe. Then, it was a couple of hours before we had to go; so one last stop at McDonalds for some fast food (nom nom nom) and a pop into Topshop on the Strand (which was surprisingly empty) and then we were good to go. I had so much fun in London, and I urge everyone to go. It's such a fun place, with so much going on... I love it there!

Here are some pictures too:




  1. I am SO jealous, I would love to go to London so badly, it sounds amazing :)!! I love your coat too!

    ps. I know I'm in love with Burberry Prorsum's spring line!!

    xo, C.

  2. love your red coat, I'm so jealous you were in london!!

    lovelove, M.

  3. Yeah, I really want to see those movies too :).
    Today is the first day in weeks that the temperature is above 0! I hope that the snow will stay away, because I’ve had it with the coldness. I’d been looking for those wires everywhere, but apparently they were lying on the dinner table for weeks. I’m thinking about letting my sister buy that LP in London and then do something creative with it!

    Oh, and I love the color of your new blouse! I love your style.
    My Latin teacher draws attention to Rome every lesson, so now I know that we’ll be staying somewhere near Termini. Which is great, because we stayed in an outer quarter in Berlin and that’s always different then staying in the city centre. We'll fly from Dusseldorf and we’ll have to walk a lot, lots and lots, haha.



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