Saturday, 2 January 2010


So, I guess the blog title sort of gives it away a little... But, firstly I just wanna say that I am eternally grateful for my mum's (and her sisters') penchant for collecting designer items. I can't even begin to explain how ecstatic I got when my sister, Christy, and I were rummaging through our mum's drawers for any nice stuff and we came across two silk scarves...
Christy got first pick and she chose the lovely nautical style Burberry one!

I then got second pick and landed with the amazing Hermes silk scarf. I'm so pleased with this and my mum got it free with an Hermes perfume years ago; the perfume's not particularly nice but she got it just for the scarf, which is lovely! As you can see in the photos, it has an intricate pattern with the back of a woman's head who is riding a horse and it's so beautiful! Also, there are these really small pearls laced along the edge which are so beautiful, winding their way around each other.


I'm so happy with it and can't believe I hadn't found it sooner! I own an Hermes item! I really am so grateful to my mum for having such amazing fashion sense and for loving designer clothes back in the day. I have been pretty lucky to receive a few pieces over the years from her! One particular favourite is a Marc by Marc Jacobs blazer, which she herself received from a friend after she picked it up for a really cheap price in the Harvey Nichols sale!


By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL. A few hours late, I know but I wish you all the best for 2010 and hope that it'll be a great one. I can't believe it's been a decade since 2000, it seems so surreal. In another decade's time, I'll be 23 and I can't wait to see what I'm up to!
Happy new year, again, and I'll hopefully get some pics of London up soon as well as pictures of some purchases. (P.S., I'm going to be 14 in 17 days!!!)



  1. pictures of those listed items please!
    the girl in the scarf is ridiculously beautiful, i love the border as well. they're scarves are always so intricate.


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  3. Ah, noo. I doubted about prefer/preference, but I guess I was too tired to look it up.
    And the prize was just stupid. Wow, you should be really proud. Keep up the good work :D
    We had to choose a profile for the last three years, so I dropped a few subjects (thank god for not having geography anymore). I’ve still got Dutch(a bit), English(like), French(like), Latin(like), P.E.(a bit), R.E.(sometimes), Maths(like), Biology(like), Chemistry(like), Physics(like) and a subject that studies Greek and Roman art(it doesn’t have a translation, a bit). I’ve already finished two subjects, so I don’t have to worry about them anymore. :)
    Haha, I went to New Moon a few weeks ago with a few friends. The boys started to cheer when Jacob showed up and the other people in the cinema where like: sst, why are you cheering? We thought that it was funny though, but we knew that they were mocking us for taking them to such a movie. I like programmes as Grey’s Anatomy and Friends, but I grew up with the (very) old English series as Are You Being Served and Fawlty Towers. One of my favorite movies is Alice in Wonderland, but I really liked They Boy In The Striped Pyjamas (so sad!) and The Dark Knight. What are your favorite movies/programmes?

    Thanks:) Happy Birthday to you too, but I will congratulate you on the 19th!
    Wow, aren’t you really tired when you wake up in the morning? I could never go to bed at 4 a.m., unless I’m on vacation.
    I love the scarf btw! Have you ever visited the Marc by Marc Jacobs store in London?
    It’s somewhere near Hyde Park and it’s a great shop! I’ve bought my M by MJ and lipstick pens at the shop in Paris, but they’ve got exactly the same in London.

    Oops, I pressed delete :O

  4. Chloe that's amazing! Hermes scarves are the epitome of chic. There's no label that does scarves better. The colour will really suit you too!

    I think I'm most grateful to my nan and her giving nature! I have amassed a mountain of jewels and chains; vintage bracelets, necklaces, rings (a lot of new rings too), wonder I like to pile them on so much haha!

    What are you hoping for for your birthday?


  5. Haha, mega sales :D. I mostly shop at H&M and Mango, but my closet is a muddle of brands.
    And I’m fond of bags, but I’m still looking for the perfect bag; one where I can keep my camera and other stuff in, which is rain proof and looks nice.
    Haha, the languages are kind of compulsory, because no other country wants to talk Dutch.
    Oh, we’ve had Art and Music in the first three years, but they were optional in the second period and though I enjoyed the subjects (they were the lazy hours in our timetable) I didn’t want to spend time on them anymore.

    Haha, Taylor Lautner is waay better in New Moon then in Twilight, maybe it’s due to the hairdo? I think I’ve heard about Only Fools and Horses, but I’ve never seen it.
    I watch 90210 and Gossip Girl too :). Ah, Amelie and The Notebook are great.
    Haha, that isn’t sad, it’s always exciting. Have you already found your B’day present?
    Oh, you’re so lucky! My school starts this Monday at 9:30 (a normal school day starts at 8:15, but the first hour was cancelled due to Christmas Vacation).

    I went to London the 22nd of August. I really wanted to go somewhere, so me and my sister decided to go for just one day by bus and boat. We spent most of our time at the Oxford street shops and Covent garden. People in England are very kind, I took a picture of a shop-window poster, when a security guard suddenly started chatting about my camera. I thought that I had to remove the pictures, but he just wanted to talk about my camera. :)

  6. Ah, we haven’t got Urban Outfitters nor Topshop, but I went to Topshop in London, they’ve got really cute stuff. Haha, we do have Zara, though the first shop is always a mess, unlike the second one, which opened last year. I love your brown LV, it’s a shame that it’s broken! Have you already found someone who could repair it? I’ve got a Canon 1000D; I always loved to make pictures – over and over again, my friends hate it, but they’re always grateful afterwards- so I bought one last year. And yeah, they’re quite expensive, but it’s definitely worth it!

    You should definitely keep Art, your drawings are amazing! Haha, I’m familiar with Keeping Up Apperances. Oh, 90210 and GG start tonight, but I think that I’ve already seen those episodes on the internet. Yeah, I need the subtitles at Amelie too, they’re speaking just a little bit too fast for me. Ah, you could always save a little bit of money and show your parents your brilliant grades for a camera, you never know ;)

    The last course always ends at 4:35, but that depends on the clusters you’ve got.
    I’ve got two times from 8:15-4:35, but for example on Wednesday, I start at 9:55 until 12:45 with a 70 minutes break. So that’s not too bad. It took about 9 hours from Rotterdam to London, but we had to wait a little while at Calais for the bus to enter the boat.
    We fell asleep somewhere in Belgium, because we left around 2 a.m. and were just too tired to keep our eyes open. I really wanted to go to London this vacation, but none of my friends were allowed to go: their parents said that they were too young to go abroad.
    So maybe Disneyland Paris this year? :)

  7. Okay, I’ll remember it next time I go to London! Yeah, it’s Spanish and I heard that it’s a lot cheaper over there. I didn’t know that Birmingham is such a big city, I looked it up a few days ago and I thought that it was just an average city. Haha, my sister has a Nikon, they’re great too. I first had a Sony and another Canon before I decided to buy this one. But I must say that the older ones were easier to take with me and that I could make more sneaky pictures.
    I wish I had the patience to wait for the episodes to be on TV, but I can’t stand the fact that we run behind with America.

    Wednesday is always great, I’ve got the whole afternoon to prepare for a test or just do things that I like. Uhm, we’ve got morning break from 10:45-11:05 and lunch from 13:35-14:05. Wow, my lunch is way shorter than yours! Is it still snowing in England? Yeah, nine hours is reasonable. I really loved the passage between Calais and Dover. It was 6 a.m., the sun was rising and it was so cold outside. I still regret that I didn’t buy really cute Burberry mini’s at the boat. And of course the 4,5 kg Toblerone, haha. Wow, it takes about two and a half hours from Rotterdam to Paris with the Thalys. We had about eight hours in London.

    Yeah, my friends are going to Rome too. In Berlin we were spread over two rooms, so I shared mine with two other friends, while the rest of them were one floor down in a lager room. But they had to welcome the guys who wanted to play poker with us, until the teachers next door started to complaint at 4 a.m – and that for three days. I’ve had a great time though. Other friends from Atheneum (it’s the same as grammar school, but they haven’t got Latin) went to London, but they weren’t allowed to get out of their rooms at night and had a bunch of assignments. :P Haha, I went to Disney last summer with my mother and my sister (my dad had to look after the dogs). Me and my sis were afraid of Tower of Terror, but we really liked it afterwards and went four times in a row. :)

  8. Haha, I saw your sister’s blog. You two are so funny! I don’t know where I want to live when I’m older. I hope I can study at a University in Rotterdam, but me and my friends are often talking about renting an apartment in Amsterdam or somewhere else. Oh, I don’t think that a DSLR will survive a crash. My grandpa gave me a tripod, but I’ve only used it inside so far. Ah, here it’s all or nothing: Both GG as 90210 finished in August or September.

    Oh, my sister’s trip to London was cancelled two weeks ago, due to the snow and traffic jam in England. It isn’t snowing at the moment, but it’s really cold outside and the old snow turned into ice on the streets. Oh, your school is so awesome, I had to wait for years until our first trip(we went to Lille for a day to practice our French). Ah, I guess that almost every capital centre is overpriced. We had to take care of our own lunch in Berlin, so we bought strawberries, chocolate and sandwiches every day at a supermarket nearby. :) (We were so healthy, with such breakfast and Burger King/Pizza/Starbucks for dinner.)

    I’ve visited Germany, England, France, Spain, Italy and Florida. Not that much, but I really want to visit Australia, Indonesia and China and a few states in America. Which countries have you visited?


  9. Oooh! You are so lucky!! that Hermes scarf is wonderful, I wish I had a prized collection like that haha :)

    -xo, C.

  10. Haha, thank you!:) I’ve asked a new lens for my camera, but I already received it last week. I don’t know what my sister will give me though, she’s still sleeping. I know that a friend bake apple cinnamon muffins for me! :) Yeah, I’ve had the idea to go to the UK or America before, but I think that’s too expensive and I guess that it’ll be better if I stay here. The universities are good, but you definitely can’t compare them to Oxford or Yale. I would love to become a doctor later, but I’ll have to work harder for my grades then.

    I bet you’ll have a hard time waking up tomorrow, still awake at 03:36. I read somewhere on your or your sister’s blog that you’ve got to wear uniforms to school? That’s so cool! You don’t have to worry about what to wear and stuff. I guess you that you hate it and that you’re grateful for those non-uniform days at school. Ah, don’t you have a bicycle? I’m only going by bus when it’s really cold or raining, but school is just fifteen minutes cycling away. Haha, my sister just woke up, she gave me the cd from Florence and the Machine :) Oh, no, you’ve been to a lot of places! :O Japan, Hong Kong and America! I’m so jealous.
    I’ve got to go, have a great day!

  11. Wow you're such a lucky girl!
    The scarf is so beautiful.

  12. amazing scarf...
    btw, this is random but
    i was looking at your profile
    have you ever tried out dashboard confessional or a fine frenzy?
    (its okay if you hate it and never listen to it again...)
    i love the postal service, beatles, yellowcard, switchfoot and way too many to list...

  13. I’ve got two lenses for my camera at the moment. Yeah, it’s Lungs :) I didn’t buy CDs for years, because it’s so much easier and (cheaper) to download it. But I really wanted WPSIATWIN and Favorite Worst Nightmare from the Arctic Monkeys and now I’ve got Lungs! I haven’t really thought about that either, but maybe I’ll move to another country later. When I’m old and grey, haha. I’m sure you’ll make it to Oxford! What do you want to become later?

    Ohh, I would be so grumpy; I’ve had 5 hours sleep last night and it was such a long day at school! I’m exhausted at the moment. I’m so glad that my only lesson tomorrow is just a fifty minutes maths course. How was your school day? No, we don’t have to wear uniforms. I think that just a few people would appreciate uniforms; I love the preppyness and the fact that you don’t have to think about what to wear though. I’ll definitely travel more in the future! Ahh, thank you so much for the congratulation! I’ve had a great day, really cozy and no one made me look silly (we’ve got some sort of habit to buy crazy presents and sing for each other during breaks).


  14. thanks for commenting
    btw, your blog is in my sidebar
    so i'm commenting again...
    about your age.
    but i have to gloat (for two seconds)
    pssh i turned 14 a week ago.
    (finally someone's younger than me...)
    LOL kidding. your scarf is still awesome and i'm envious that you have a salvatore ferragamo bag!

  15. That is a beautiful scarf, what a great item! And your extensive list of treasured items is pretty amazing- lucky you! I would love to own some of the more recent Burberry pieces, they are so beautifully designed and crafted.
    Thankyou for your wonderful comment, I really appreciated it!
    Have a great new year.

  16. love hermes! hahaha sounds like you got a lot of nice things! my mom gave me some of her old designer clothes too! gotta love her!!!

  17. Sorry for my late reaction, I’ve been busy with my homework and other stuff..
    Yeah, I’ve downloaded the three AM albums on the internet. :) Oh, that sounds like a great job! Especially the chances to travel around the world part! Ahh, I saw it on BBC two days ago, that the schools in England were closed due to the snow! Is you school still closed?

    My school doesn’t even think about closing, they’re just giving five extra minutes to get into class, because the cycle paths are very slippery. They should introduce uniforms over here; I’m still searching for a nice preppy blazer! Can’t you even choose the shoes that you want to wear? I’d be fed up with that.. I bet you’ll have a great day the 19th!


  18. Yeah, I searched on the Internet for such a pocket watch, but it’s really hard to find one exactly the same, maybe it’s impossible? :( I would love a few days off, they say that the weather is going to be worse, so who knows. Oh, btw, you should get some sleep!

    Wow, you can choose a lot of subjects at GCSE! We’ve had some information about choosing our profile too, but it wasn’t that hard to decide, since you’ve got just 4 profiles and you can mix and match with subjects like French, economics and drama. Is it possible to choose Art and Design: Photography at your school?



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