Tuesday, 30 October 2012

London, Pt. III

Here is my third instalment of my London photo diary! (Are you getting sick of these yet?!) To give a little bit of context behind these photos, as I mentioned in my last post, I went to Kentish Town to meet up with my sister, my aunty and a friend who lives there. We went to her flat which was so lovely, with amazing sash windows and a balcony on a pretty, leafy road in such a lovely area of London. We had tea and little homemade cakes which was so nice and then walked it all off as we set off on a stroll around Kentish Town, Primrose Hill and Camden Town.

It was so lovely to walk down the high street and browse through old bookshops and home decor stores. Then we ran up Primrose Hill and by the end of it, I was genuinely out of breath, which is shameful... I blame this on the fact that I haven't taken part in compulsory, organised sports since May... But I digress. So we ran up the hill, much to the dismay of passers-by. My aunty then started chasing her friend and I actually heard someone say: "She's a bit keen". Cue much laughing and sputtering on my part.

As soon as we got to the top of the hill, we were greeted with an amazing view of London. After we managed to catch our breath, we decided to just be completely silly and take lots of jumping photos! We got plenty of odd looks, but it was so much fun! I highly recommend it. Sometimes, you've just gotta wave your hands in the air like you just don't care... Life is too short not to.
 1. My dream sash windows; Me @ Regent's Canal
2. Walking along Regent's Park Road
3. Silly jumping photos @ Primrose Hill
4. View of London from top of Primrose Hill
5. Sister @ Pastry shop, Kentish Town
6. Beautiful reflections @ Regent's Canal
7. Walking along Regent's Canal

One more London post to go about my work experience in Canary Wharf! Also, I started back at school on Monday and I can already see that it's gonna be a busy 8 weeks until the Christmas holidays... It's already been so busy and it's only Tuesday! Also, how is it almost November already?! Where has the year gone?!

Happy blogging!
Chloe xxx

P.S. I hope that everyone in the USA and Canada has been keeping safe in spite of Hurricane Sandy. Whenever I turn on the news, I feel like I'm watching a disaster movie like The Day After Tomorrow, except it's real life. It's so scary to think about the millions of people being affected by it. My thoughts are with you all!


  1. Wow I love your pictures! London is a beautiful place :-) I was thinking the same about how quickly the year has gone! I don't even remember most of October happening haha!

  2. chloe looks like you had such a good time! wheres christys coat from its so adorable! xxx

    1. Hey Jord! Thanks, I had such a lovely time. :-) Christy got her coat from our uncle, I'm not quite sure where he bought it from though! Miss you! Xxx

  3. Miss you too! Looks like you're doing so well Chlo well done! Xxx

  4. These pictures are fab! I especially love that red duffle coat :)


  5. Gorgeous photos! I love your red coat! I wish we had weather down here that meant I could wear cute coats like that :)

    x Jasmine

  6. great post, i love your coat!


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