Saturday, 22 October 2011

See You Soon

To those it may concern... I am actually still alive! The fact that I haven't blogged for 2 weeks just means that my life has been both dull and busy. Everything's just been the same-old, same-old. School, homework, coursework, revision, etc. However, now that it's half term, hopefully I'll have time to catch up on my favourite blogs and some blogging of my own, amidst the masses of work that I should probably be doing.

Anyway, here are a few photos that I took earlier today in a last-ditch attempt to do something productive with my newfound free time:

My face - just in case you forgot what I looked like

Photos for art

Blue skies in late October... Madness.

(Fake) sunflowers to brighten up the day :-)

Hope you like the photos, I'm gonna try and crank out an outfit post some time this week. Anyway, the agenda for the coming week is sleeping in, doing homework and I'm actually gonna have a social life too (shock horror) as I'm going out on Monday and Tuesday with friends and then in a week's time, I will be seeing the amazing Laura Marling on Saturday at Birmingham Cathedral! I am beyond excited :-) I hope that the rest of you are having a lovely weekend and that you're all well and good.

Happy blogging :-)
Chloe xxx

The title of this post is See You Soon by Benjamin Francis Leftwich. A fitting title, as I hope to not be leaving the blogosphere for as long as two weeks next time. Also, because Leftwich has such a beautiful voice.


  1. I'm so insanely jealous of you going to watch Laura Marling. Please take lots of photos and post them all!


  2. thank you for the lovely comment! i did get the job :))) incredibly jealous of you going to see laura marling, i'm sure she will amazing, hope you're well xxx

  3. Ohh i love these photos! Have fun at laura marling O_O! xxx


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