Sunday, 17 July 2011

Dead and Done

Wow, I haven't blogged in over three weeks! Where has the time gone?! Apologies for being an absentee for so long. With less than a week of school left, I think it's safe to say that I am mellowed out to the point where they all call me Mellow Yellow. Only joking! I don't think anyone could ever refer to me as that and I'm still a very busy bee and stressing out in this last week before school ends! Over the last week or so, we had Enrichment Week at school, a week off timetable where we are supposed to engage in 'enriching' activities. The week actually turned out to be really good fun, with a trip to Warwick Castle, the Roman baths in the lovely English city of Bath, kayaking and climbing, etc.

Other news includes me getting my braces off! After what seems like a lifetime of two long years, I got them off a few weekends ago and I have been smiling non-stop ever since! :-)
Anyway, here are just a few photos of what's been happening recently. It is by no means a definitive collection, so I will definitely be recounting previous day trips in more detail in the upcoming few weeks!



1. My braceless face!
2. Striking a pose... :-)
3. Indulging in magazines!
4. Just some art from my sketchbook for school
5. Ditto (I really never use that word enough...)

A few final notes: I have not yet seen the final instalment of Harry Potter. After being an avid fan of the books since the age of seven, I am really looking forward to the eighth film. The hype has been huge this year and it really pains me to see people hyping, despite the fact that they've never actually read the books?! It baffles me. However, I will definitely be taking a trip to see the new film, as well as a whole variety of other films that all look brilliant and seem to have wonderful qualities to them: Bridesmaids (hilarious), Beginners (insightful and also funny), One Day (based on amazing novel) and so so so so so much more.
Also, I have officially booked my train ticket to London on the 27th July, which is VERY exciting and only set me back the grand total of... £3! I love train rides and I love London and I can't wait to hit all of the shops and markets! :-) I am really looking forward to summer now, especially seeing as it's only four days away!

Okay, enough for now. See, this is what happens when I don't blog for three weeks: reams and reams of writing! Anyway, will be back very soon with more to say. Hope the rest of you have enjoyed your weekends.

Chloe xxx

P.S. The title post of this song is 'Dead and Done', by the hugely talented and underrated Bobby Long.


  1. i absolutely love your fringe! your hair looks so wonderful! also yay for no braces! i had some when i was younger and hated them!

    i agree about feeling pain when it comes to people who say they *love* harry potter, yet don't read the books that the movies are based on?! can't even understand it! (maybe it's just cause i am a crazy obsessed fan.. oh well.)

    i really want to see beginners and one day too! so many good movies out this summer.


  2. your hair looks absolutely beautiful!!!! i LOVE it!!

    and congrats on getting everything done, you can now take a big "sigh" haha :)

    great art too, i love the one of you(?).


  3. Your art work is truly amazing. You're so skilled and precise; it's amazing.
    I'm going to London that day too. I'm taking a photography course and it's my birthday - double yay. I love London so I'll spend most of my day indulging in shops.
    I love your blog. Your seemingly effortless preppy attire is lovely. I don't know why I haven't commented before.
    Eleanor x

  4. I love your sketches here! and props to you for drawing buildings ahahha. straight lines and edges intimidate me so much.

    London sounds fun! My friend's visiting that area in a little bit. Do you have any sightseeing or shop recommendations?

  5. i love your hair,and your blog! im going to london in august,£3!!im so jealous but have an awesome ,if your going to oxford street theres a food place called 'make mine' so nice or sushi from wasabi! have a good time!,

  6. Your teeth look wonderful! Must be a relief to get those braces off.

    I love love love your artwork! I like your collage aesthetic and mixed media, it makes your images more interesting. I can imagine you as one of the featured artists in the pages of Elle. I have such magazine temptations atm! I have to stop myself giving in as I have no money!


  7. Yay, no more braces! I remember when I got mine off. I was amazed at how smooth my teeth felt, haha.

    Do you have any photos of Warwick Castle and the Roman Baths? I'd love to see them!

    x Jasmine


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