Saturday, 18 June 2011


Top - H&M (£3 in sale)
Blazer - Marc by Marc Jacobs (Gift)
Jeans - Gap (£35)

Bonjour! Got this month's Elle and whilst I rarely ever buy magazines anymore, only the occasional Elle or Grazia, this one was great cause it came with this really cute Reiss top. There's something really nice about spending the morning / early-afternoon reading a magazine or texting, drinking a cup of tea and eating toast. However, I've also been really busy doing school work and then I trimmed my fringe and cut my sister's hair too. There's also something so nice about wearing a pair of jeans and a lovely blazer. I love wearing this Marc Jacobs one, the colour is timeless, the cut and fit is great too. I love classic pieces which will last me a lifetime.

I've had a tutoring job for about 8 weeks or so now and I've saved up £120, which will hopefully go towards a new camera. I'm in two minds as to save up for a Nikon P500, a bridge camera which is about £340 or whether to save up for a bit longer and maybe save up for a Nikon D3100 DSLR which is about £400. A DSLR would be great, but I'm not sure if it'd be too cumbersome, or whether I'd be too scared to use it due to its value and also, I'm a complete novice when it comes to anything more advanced than a simple point-and-shoot. However, I reckon it's cheaper to just buy one and learn, rather than buying something smaller to start with and then spending more money on an upgrade. I'm completely in two minds! Any advice would be appreciated! :-)

As for other things to save up for, I'm absolutely in love with the Pashley's Sovereign bike. I'm just such a sucker for a wicker basket and if I had a spare £645, I would buy it right now. Unfortunately, I don't! So I'll just have to wait until I'm successful and wealthy and all the rest! :-)
I also would like to find a cheap, but fully-functioning record player. If anyone knows where to get good refurbs (aside from the usuals like eBay, etc.), please let me know!
Last but not least, I already mentioned this in my last post, I really want to go and buy a moleskine notebook so next time I go shopping, I may just pop into Waterstone's and buy one. :-) Can't wait to get some sketches and drawings down.

Anyway, enough lusting over pricey objects which I really can't afford! Hope the rest of you are enjoying your weekends, wherever you may be. Happy blogging! :-)
Chloe xxx

P.S. I really want to go to the British seaside this summer, as I've never been before. Also, love the song by The Kooks. :-)


  1. your hair is so lovely, very jealous, and i also want that bike! thank you for the lovely comment :) xxx

  2. Absolutely get the D3100! That's the first DSLR I ever bought and it's a really great beginner to mid level camera. And it has this handy function that you can turn on or off that tells you what each button and knob does. Which is great for learning. =]
    Also, you weren't in Edinburgh last week sunday were you? I was getting on a train there and could've sworn I saw someone with similar little brown boots like yours and the same Louis Vuitton bag! (If it wasn't you, I'm going to look like a total stalker now!) x

  3. that bike is so lovely! i bought one last year yet i haven't gotten to go out on a bike ride yet this summer!

    i feel you for lusting over pricey things.. i have to buy my mac for school soon! not ready to pay $1500+ for a computer! eeek.

    just read lots on the internet and you'll figure out your camera! that's what i do!

    and thank you for the comment! it was my 'two year from being in england' anniversary last week and I MISS IT MUCH. i'm probably going to come back for the month of june in 2012! i would like to go to the british seaside too!!

    have a lovely day! :) xx

  4. Wow, your hair looks amazing! Look how long it is!

    As for the camera, I say jump in the deep end and get the DSLR that you want (I'm a Canon girl myself). At first you'll be scared to use it and be afraid of bumping it etc, but after awhile you'll treat it like any other camera you've had. And you'll definitely learn how to use it as you go!

    x Jasmine

  5. Your hair looks so good! and that bike sure is cute.

    Sorry, that typo of months and not weeks was my bad. It sucks that you don't get out until so late, but I'm guessing you have longer winter or spring breaks? I get about two and a half months off for summer, which is nice, but I wish it were longer ahaha.

    Thanks so much for the recommendations! and I'll take any more that you have ahahah. I really want to read more this summer, with summerwork and everything, hopefully I'll have time to.


  6. You should definitely visit Brighton, not only for the beach but for all the independent, retro and vintage shops in the Laines! You would love it, I'm sure!

    My blog hates yours atm I have tried to comment like a million times so I hope this works!



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