Saturday, 11 June 2011


T-shirt - Mulberry (Hand-me-down)
Skirt - Urban Outfitters (£20)
Cardigan - Betty Jackson (£1 in sale?!)

Wahoooo! I've finally finished my GCSE exams for this year! I had my 8th and last exam, Maths Calculator paper, on Friday and I am now so glad that it's the weekend! I feel really content and happy that summer is in sight - well, it's still about 6 weeks away, but I am so not complaining! I have so many lovely plans for the summer, like going to London and Manchester and spending lots of it out with friends. I also want to start doing some proper blogging and maybe buy a moleskin book and doing some proper drawings. I am also so happy to be able to actually read for pleasure now, instead of revising from textbooks - it's a nice feeling to not feel guilty everytime I look at a book or having to neglect my Palahniuk or Kerouac! Anywho, this was just a little pic of what I was wearing back when the weather was sunnier.

I'm off to do some of my sketchbook work for Art and read a book. So gutted that the season of Dr Who has finished, can't wait until it's back in the autumn! Anywho, hope the rest of you are enjoying your weekend! :-) Happy blogging!

Chloe xxx

P.S. The title of this post is a band called Bastille, I heard this great song by them called Flaws. I've had it on repeat for the last couple of days!


  1. lovely outfit :) i hope you did well in your exams! xxx

  2. i really need to buy a moleskin too! i'm always drawing in my sketchbook, but i really need something that i can carry around with me and doodle on the go!

    yay for no more exams! summertime is wonderful :)

    (in response to your comment, i'm so flattered that you said i seem like i am british. BECAUSE I REALLY WANT TO BE! and i agree about martha.. did not like.

    i did see the finale! it was so good. such a twist who river really is!)

    have a lovely weekend! :) xx

  3. you don't get summer until 6 months from now? wow england's school schedule must be a lot different from america's.

    congrats on being done with your exams!
    ahh yeah you should get a moleskine! they're beautiful. haha they're kind of intimidating though because the pages are so nice. I don't even want to draw in mine because I'm so afraid I'll ruin it with bad sketches hahaha.
    oh and it sounds like you have really good taste in books! I've been meaning to read some Palahniuk for quite some time now, but I've never gotten around to it. do you have any recommendations?

    and ahhhh omg the doctor who mid-season finale. I diiied when that plot-twist happened. and when they finally did the big reveal. it was so good. I can't wait till the show comes back!

    hope all is going well!

  4. mulberry - love it. and you are so skinny to wear XS - i wish i could :)
    fallow you <3

  5. This is such a cute outfit Chloe, I love that skirt!



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