Sunday, 2 February 2014

Birthday Celebrations

I am currently writing this post with Despicable Me on in the background (isn't Agnes the cutest thing you've ever seen in your entire life?!) and trying to desperately recover from this horrible cold that I've had for the past week.

In a bid to cheer myself up, I thought I'd flick through the photos from my 18th birthday celebrations last weekend! I went to the Handmade Burger Co. last Saturday with lots of friends to celebrate mine and my sister's birthday. I had such a lovely time, with some great food and great company. I'd never actually been to Handmade Burger Co. before, but had heard lots of good things about it - and it certainly didn't disappoint. We all managed to take advantage of an offer they have at the moment, where you can buy one burger and then another burger (or a salad) for just £1! Even better! I decided to go halfsies with my sister - I ordered the peppered beef burger (though I had a hard time choosing between that and the Wellington) while my sister went for the American cheeseburger. Then, we ordered a portion of chips between us (proper chippy chips, which made me very happy), as well as a fantastic vanilla milkshake and bottomless drinks. Needless to say, we were stuffed by the end, so I didn't even end up having any birthday cake that night. (I made up for this by having birthday cake for breakfast the following morning - the very best way to enjoy cake, in my humble opinion).

I had such a lovely night, filled with great chat and laughs. I also received some amazing gifts, which I'll do a proper post on next time! But I will say that I got some beautiful brown brogues from Bertie, which a few friends bought for me! They have been surgically attached (not literally) to my feet since I received them, so look out for them on the blog sometime soon!

Here are a few photos from the night, which were taken using my friend, Gabi's Canon 600D! (Speaking of DSLRs, I am still in the process of saving up for a DSLR. I really like the look of the Nikon D3200, but if any of you have any other camera recommendations, then please send them my way as I am a total beginner in terms of photography!)

 photo BirthdayMeal1_zpsb4289128.jpg
^^^ Making the impossible decision of which burger to eat! ^^^
 photo BirthdayMeal4_zpsa41442ea.jpg
^^^ My friend, Charis' bacon burger! Mmmm... Who's hungry now? (I am) ^^^
 photo BirthdayMeal6_zpsed9f1f6b.jpg
 photo BirthdayMeal3_zps0b581891.jpg
  photo BirthdayMeal15_zpse4f8a5fe.jpg
 photo BirthdayMeal16_zps274dcb2b.jpg
 photo BirthdayMeal7_zps7ac6928e.jpg
 photo BirthdayMeal9_zpsb3fae5b0.jpg
^^^ Cake ^^^
 photo BirthdayMeal2_zps09d01462.jpg
^^^ CHEESE ^^^

In other news... I received my last offer from Edinburgh University yesterday - so I now have a grand total of 4 offers (from LSE, UCL, Bristol & Edinburgh), which is incredibly exciting. Also, I had my driving theory test on Friday, which I am very pleased to say I passed!!! I was really worried and fretting about this as I'm not the best at driving or perceiving hazards - ahem, apologies to the guy I didn't see at the zebra crossing last week (!) - so to say that I was shocked & relieved that I passed is an understatement. I'm a long way off from actually passing my practical driving test, but at least I'm kind of half way there!

Back to school tomorrow for 2 weeks before I'm off for half term! 2014 has flown by already, I can't believe we're already into February. Hope you're all well & keeping warm.

Chloe. X


  1. Well done on all your uni offers and pass your theory test, that's great news! Also, that burger looks so delicious and I'm absolutely starving xo

  2. Oh wow, £1 for an extra burger? YES PLEASE! Nice idea of splitting too and the proper 'chippy chips' are definitely the best. You looked like you had a such an ace birthday! Also I don't know much about dslr's but I use a canon 600d which has been far better than my nikon d3000, which broke after a couple of years!

    Well done on you theory too and your university offers!

  3. Also I too love the design and concept of the 5 year journal! It's just a great little end of the day pick me up to get your feelings out a little.

  4. It looks like you had a lovely birthday meal out! Spending birthdays with your friends is the best. I've just done the 30 random questions post, and I've tagged you too! I'd love to see your answers. You can check out my post here if you fancy it:

  5. Well done on your fourth Uni offer! Have you decided which one you'll go to?

    What's your camera budget? I can help with some suggestions :)

    x Jasmine

  6. Aww, looks like a fantastic day! Happy birthday for last week! :D

    Technicolour Dreamer


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