Saturday, 20 July 2013

Summer's For Stampeding

I went to the Summer Stampede at London's Olympic Park a couple of weeks ago on Saturday 6th July. It was hands-down one of the best days of my life thus far. I made the way to Stratford in London with my sister to meet up with 3 of our very good friends. It was a perfect, gloriously hot, sunny day with barely a cloud in sight. I'd never visited Olympic Park before, or even been to Stratford in London before, so it was a new experience in itself!

So, on Saturday, I had the pleasure of seeing: Bear's Den, Haim, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Ben Howard, Vampire Weekend and Mumford & Sons (!!!) When I think about this line up, I just want to cry a little because I just want to relive this day over and over and over again, like a perpetual Groundhog Day... only, in a good way.

At the start of the day, we got into Olympic Park at about 12.30pm. We ate first and chilled and looked round the grounds before heading over to see Bear's Den at 2pm. We stayed towards the back at the start and soaked up the atmosphere, it was just so nice to be there standing / sitting in the sun (and getting thoroughly burnt in the process, haha). Bear's Den were fantastic, I loved that they played a couple of the songs that I knew & loved ('Isaac' and 'Pompeii') - I can see them becoming hugely successful in the future. They really were a great start to the day.

Then came Haim! They were soooo much better than I thought they were going to be and so good live! I'd listened to a few of their songs before, but was kind of indifferent about them. However, it was fantastic when they played 'Falling' - sooo good. Afterwards, in the 30 minute break, we headed to grab some water from the taps, but the queues were ridiculously long haha. I definitely don't want to relive those haha, but we managed to get back to our spot in time for Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros! Alex Ebert was so charismatic and engaged with the audience by getting some lucky people to dance with him, asking them questions, etc... He was hilarious. When they sang 'Home', the atmosphere was... electric. Jade Castrinos was brilliant too, her voice was sooo good & complemented his so well. They make such a good pair & I enjoyed their set so much.

Ben Howard came up next and I had been waiting for him all day. Besides Mumford, he was the act I was most looking forward to perform. He was everything I'd hoped for & more!!! His voice was magical and he appeared to be so introverted and didn't say very much in between songs, but when he sang, I literally melted (no, not literally). He played quite a few new songs, as well as some of my favourites 'Only Love', 'The Wolves' & 'Keep Your Head Up', but I would've liked if he'd played 'Old Pine' or 'Gracious'. Nevertheless, he was absolutely amazing and I'd love to see him perform again soon! Also, I loved how he tried to toy with us at the start of the last song by pretending to play a new song, but in fact, he played 'The Fear'!!! Such a wonderful song, one of my all-time favourites.

Next, Vampire Weekend were absolutely fab!!! They played a load of their old & new stuff, loads of which are great to listen to in the summer, including 'Unbelievers', 'Holiday', 'Everlasting Arms' and 'Giving Up The Gun', as well as the classics 'A-Punk' and 'Oxford Comma'. They were so energetic and quite fast-paced which got the entire crowd in a good mood for Mumford. They are an absolute must-see live as they're wonderful.

And lastly... Mumford & Sons!!! They were absolutely, ridiculously, wonderfully brilliant. They were funny, full of character, ridiculously talented & performed every song to perfection. By that time of the day, it was getting dark & the sort of fairy-lights were getting turned on... The atmosphere was incredible. Again, they played a mixture of old & new songs - 'Babel', 'Little Lion Man', 'Love of the Light', 'I Will Wait', 'Awake my Soul', 'Hopeless Wanderer', 'Timshel', 'Dust Bowl Dance', 'Winter Winds', etc., much to the joy of the entire audience. During Mumford's last song, The Cave, confetti started shooting out from the stage and I felt... something close to the meaning of the word "euphoria", I imagine. I can't really describe it without sounding seriously corny / cheesy / clich├ęd, but it was the most amazing feeling.

At the end, everyone (minus Bear's Den) came back up on stage to play one last song: Fleetwood Mac's 'The Chain'. It was the perfect end to the night & I feel so incredibly privileged to have been able to get tickets to spend this day with some of my best friends & enjoy this day. I can't quite believe that this was 2 weeks ago - what I would do to be able to relive it right now...

Photo overload to follow:

 photo SummerStampede3_zps98b80c0e.jpg
 ^^^ Outfit: Topshop dungaree skirt, stripy top, Ray Bans, Cath Kidston bag (borrowed) & loafers ^^^
 photo SummerStampede18_zps63c07de4.jpg
^^^ Typical festival flags :-) ^^^
  photo SummerStampedeCollage6_zps132ea8c5.jpg
 ^^^ My friends // Beautiful fairy lights ^^^
 photo SummerStampede5_zps30ba48bc.jpg
^^^ Me with my lovely friends :-) ^^^
 photo SummerStampedeCollage5_zpscd0724a9.jpg
^^^ Haim!!! // Friends during Mumford's set ^^^
 photo SummerStampedeCollage4_zpsb6aa1303.jpg
^^^ Fun in the sun & applying sun cream haha // India Bourne! ^^^
 photo SummerStampede11_zps68b7aade.jpg
^^^ Ben Howard! ^^^  photo SummerStampedeCollage3_zpsc253ab94.jpg
^^^ View of the stage from the queues for water // Vampire Weekend! ^^^  photo SummerStampede8_zps85046b05.jpg
^^^ Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros! ^^^   photo SummerStampede1_zps750a102d.jpg
^^^ Me & my friends during Bear's Den's set ^^^
 photo SummerStampede16_zps00947859.jpg
^^^ Mumford & Sons ^^^  photo SummerStampede15_zps3442109e.jpg
^^^ Confetti during 'The Cave'! ^^^  photo SummerStampede14_zpsc83080f9.jpg
^^^ Mumford & Sons ^^^

 Whewww. Finally finished this huge Summer Stampede round-up post, haha. Sorry it took 2 weeks! In other news, I've finally finished school for the year!!! This summer won't be quite as relaxed as I'd like since I need to write my personal statement... complete all the rest of my UCAS application... All of which seems to be on hold because of results day (which is less than a month away, eek!).  Nevertheless, I am determined to try and enjoy this summer now that all of my family are over to visit & my aunty's wedding which is only 2 weeks away! Exciting :-)

Hope you're all well! Can't believe that this heat wave we're all experiencing in the UK is still happening! Let's hope it sticks around for the summer!

Chloe xxx 


  1. Wow your pictures are so good and I LOVE your outfit! And it looks like you were close to the front for a lot of it! I really like the Ben Howard picture and I absolutely love The Fear too, such a good song! I know exactly what you mean about the atmosphere during the Mumford set, it was incredible and I loved when everyone came on at the end too.


  2. You and your friends are so stylish! Love your outfits :)

    It sounds like this festival had the perfect line up! Ben Howard, Mumford and Sons, and Edward Sharp?! So perfect!


  3. It must have been absolutely amazing to see Mumford and Sons!

    Following you back!

    7% Solution​

  4. oh chloe, why'd you have to post this? I don't really have anything to say except how I loathe you and your fabulous festival experience. GAH. you lucky lucky lady! it's just NOT fair.

    congrats on finishing school, you're freeeeeeeeeeee! how exciting!

    fenn xx

  5. I'm so happy I've stumbled across your wonderfully lovely blog! Awesome photos and dear lord I am so horribly jealous of you being able to attend this incredible festival!

    Congratulations on finishing school!!! xx

  6. This all sounds like so much fun!

    x Jasmine


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