Wednesday, 10 July 2013


After having the same blog header for over 3 years now - when I first started my blog - I felt like a change was in order. Much like so many things which are constantly changing in my life, I feel that I have to embrace it. It's the only way of making change any more manageable or easier to deal with. This year has seen quite a few changes: The move from secondary school to sixth form has been huge. I love the freedom and I've loved making new friends. After feeling like I'd been stuck in a rut for a while, it's been nice to adapt to new and better things. However, there have also been times where it's been pretty hard, what with the difficulty of A-levels, the added responsibility of now being a "young adult" as opposed to a glorified "kid" and generally just growing up.

In spite of the fact that I've always thought of myself as a bit of an old soul - usually being described as 16 going on 60 - my recent week at work experience in a proper working environment, coupled with 2 hours of commuting each day, has made me realise how much I ought to relish my school days as much as possible, while I still can.

Nevertheless, like I said, I have been trying to embrace change as much as I can. There is no point in dwelling on the past - or so I've been told - because if you do, life has a way of becoming overwhelming and daunting. And that's not what life is about!

In fact, one of my favourite quotations is: "Things change. And friends leave. And life doesn't stop for anybody." 


Chloe xxx

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