Sunday, 15 January 2012

Northern Sky

Hello! The week is almost over and I've had a pretty relaxed weekend, mostly comprised of eating, sleeping and doing bits of work here and there. Nothing of much significance. I had a really good time at the Tate gallery in Liverpool on Thursday and have got plenty of picture which I'll try and post at some point in the near future.

Jumper: Zara
Jeans: Gap

This winter, I have literally lived in jeans and jumpers (which isn't actually very different to any other season), I've always been a lover of all things plain and simple. Another favourite of mine is red lipstick! I've been after a dark red / berry type lipstick as well, but can't seem to find the right shade anywhere.

Other news is that my birthday is in 4 days! It feels weird that a year's passed since my last birthday. I've always quite liked having my birthday in January since I get to celebrate my birthday at the start of the new year and everything seems new and fresh. Anyway, I'm looking forward to it!

Hope you're all a having lovely weekend. Happy blogging!
Chloe xxx

P.S. Title: Northern Sky - Nick Drake
Been listening to Nick Drake's voice on repeat. I highly recommend.

P.P.S. I have a friend who is starting up a website / webzine and she needs journalists who will help write articles and the like.. If you're interested in fashion, music and/or culture and would like to get involved with this, please email - thank you!


  1. the red lipstick looks lovely! xx

  2. happy birthday for four days!

  3. That red lipstick really suits you!!

    Happy Birthday for when ever it is :)

  4. Hello Chloe! Well if there aren't a multiplicity of things I need to address!

    Firstly, I know there are no obligations really but just thought I'd explain my tardiness - bagged an all-consuming full time temp job over Christmas so sort of neglected blog world for a bit, and thus your lovely comments too.

    Ok, so. In response to your December comment. Yeah.. it's such a crying shame about the tuition fee situation. I absolutely hate that education is being repackaged as a luxurious commodity when to me it is so obviously something to which we should all be entitled. Being able to climb upward in academia should be dependent on our intellect not the best ladder that our parents can afford. Whatever. Not bitter or anything.

    Yeh they are some pretty special London landmarks ay. I just live further out in West London (Northolt/Greenford sort of area.. unknown to most). Lol yeh even my friends are learning Chinese because "it seems useful". Can you believe I'm learning more Chinese from my non Chinese friends! I feel like I should know more based purely on the Chinese-ness of my blood! One of them has an iphone app that repeats words to help with pronunciation and has mini tests - and every now and again I'll walk into a room at the same time a word is being spewed from the phone. It's all quite surreal in many ways.

    And in response to your other comment :) Yes, I play piano :) I did my grade 8 when I was 18 and then just... didn't do much with it. Was fun to learn though but I'm not really one of those 'performer' pianists who'll play on a piano the moment there's one about. I just like to play in solitude haha. A loner pianist. And hehe yeh, I can assure you I have never got anything like this level of presentage before at Christmas, let alone things that I very very much like!

    Lastly, I also like plain clothes :) I went through a big Jane Norman phase in my teens which... oh lord, boy do I regret, but anyway. Zara all the way! Just got a nice white top from there the other day. And if you're looking for red lipstick - could always give Topshop's range a try! I don't think they have much in the way of berry though. But they do have some orangey reds and dark reds. I recently spent a gift card on an Estee Lauder lipstick - high end lipsticks are SUCH good quality and so moisturising. Happy birthday for two days time! x

  5. I'm with everyone else - that red lipstick really suits you!!

    x Jasmine


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