Monday, 12 December 2011

Charlie Brown

Apologies again for the mini-hiatus, the almost three weeks since I last posted has literally flown by! I can't believe that Christmas is here in just 13 days and school finishes this Friday! I've just been so busy with coursework deadlines and the like. Life gets busy sometimes, no?

The weeks have flown by in complete honesty, I don't know where the time has gone! I turn 16 in January which is quite exciting. It seems like an important milestone for some reason. Then I have mocks in February (heads up for a severe lack of blogging!) and then my exams start in the middle of May until the end of June. But then it'll be summer and I can't wait! It all seems a very long way off though.

Here are just a couple of photos I took the other day:
Some days, I get home from school and the sky is so pretty. And sometimes, all you need is the sky and a hot drink to keep you content. My kinda day.

And this last one is just a quotation from Augusten Burroughs. I read one of his novels, Running with Scissors, a while back and it was harrowing, disturbing, but ultimately made an impression and is something that I won't forget in a hurry. I love this quotation though, I love the possibility and the hope. It is so fitting for this time of year, where it seems that anything and everything is possible.

On that note, I hope that you're all well and staying warm in this obscenely cold weather :-) I'll be sure to post again soon!
Chloe xxx

I have been listening to Coldplay a lot lately, their old stuff as well as some of the new songs off Mylo Xyloto. I love Chris Martin, he's one of the coolest musicians around. Their song Charlie Brown is a new favourite.


  1. I'm so excited for Christmas! glad to see you're back and those photos are lovely xx

  2. Lovely clouds..oh so bleak here..very somber, hard to remember its Christmas.

  3. Love the photos!

    And that quote is awesome and so very true.

    Wow, 16! I remember turning 16, it really is a big milestone (and I feel totally old now, haha).

    x Jasmine

  4. the sky looks so pretty :) thats an amazing book you quoted from! :) xxx


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