Saturday, 10 October 2009

New brogues and apple pie love

So it's Saturday once again and I feel like doing a long blog post today, while trying to procrastinate. Here's a recap of this week:

Monday: I think it's really hard to have a good Monday because it's always the beginning of the week and Friday seems so far away. I just went to school as normal and not much really happened, I suppose.
Tuesday: Tuesday was pretty good, I had double Food Tech and we were making apple pies, which was fun! Also, I had asked my uncle to bid on a pair of shoes off eBay for me as I don't have an account. At lunchtime, I went to check emails and I found out that I'd won the shoes!
Wednesday - Pretty normal day, I didn't really do much.
Thursday - Again, very average.
Friday - SHOES ARRIVED!!! These are my lovely new Costume National Brogues:
Here is also a picture of my apple pie:
I had it with Mackie's ice-cream, of course. It was so nice, if I do say so myself. :)

So it's officially October and only 13 more days until I'm going to Rome. It's gonna be so amazing! But right now, I have to worry about impending French and Maths tests and the deadline for my first piece of I.T. coursework! October's been fine, I like the fact it's getting colder, but hate that the nights are getting so much shorter, nothing to do! Hope you all have had a lovely week, and have a lovely weekend!



  1. mmm , that apple pie looks so nice :)
    and the brogues are utterly amazing ! im so glad you won them , i remember you telling me that you were hoping to win something on ebay,they are SO nice.hope you have a lovely weekend !(well what is left of it anyway )
    sammie xoxo

  2. Apple-Pie and icecream = mmmmm WHY MUST YOU TEMPT ME SO

  3. Hey there :) I was just looking thru my followers and saw you were one, so i came to look at your blog! Such gorgeous shoes, i am vair jealous!

    Panda xx

  4. thanks for following :)
    dont forget to enter my giveaway if you want ;)
    its kinda funny because we're the same age and in the same year and im a fan of most things you are, i love sarcasm too haha :) xx


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