Saturday, 17 October 2009

Flicking fire like saltwater into my eyes

So it's the weekend once again... I've been so so so inactive this past week, sorry! 

I've had a weekload of tests, hence the lack of blogging! My week has been pretty good actually. I got chosen for Gifted and Talented in Art! I was really happy when my name got called out in class... Also, my sister and a couple of my friends were chosen so that's really good

Friday was really good too, we had Music which is always a doss lesson (my group's composition was easily the worst one out of the whole form). Then we had art and just worked on our shoes in mixed media (pencil crayon, wax crayon and watercolour). Then I had Latin, I.T., French and Maths. Because we're ahead of the curriculum in Maths, my teacher let us have a Maths quiz, we were in teams of 6 - I was with Neesh, Matt, Tom, Bal and Ryan and we won! We all won a chocolate bar each haha, great end to a good week. :D
It was also my two good friends' birthday, Abi and Conrad, on Friday so that was good as well. :-)

Today, I've got Abi's sleepover today, which should be good. We're gonna have some old school party games like pass the parcel, haha. Also, I'm gonna be going to Rome in like just over 5 days and I'm SO psyched! It's gonna be so much fun. Final meeting on Tuesday lunch and hopefully we're getting our hoodies too :-)

Also, I was up til 2 trying to do my art homework (finish exploring mixed media).. Here are some pictures of my work:
I like painting :)
Can you tell that I REALLY REALLY REALLY hate using wax crayons?!

Would love some feedback on these pieces, thank you!

So I'm gonna start doing songs for my blog posts to mix it up a little. The song for this one is also the title. It is 'Sleepyhead' by a really wicked electronica/techno-ey band called Passion Pit. They're really amazing so I advise you all that if you don't know who they are, to Google them now!



  1. i'm in love with the wax crayon one.

  2. passion pit!
    and i love the different mediums used


  3. my fav is the green one!!!!
    what i really like is that you played around with the shadows by using darker colors and the white at the front of the shoe too!!! great job!

  4. Oh what a lovely blog here! I really like it,and your friend's too : )
    I like all the things you write about you and all the pictures! I also love London!I absolutely adore it and I have been there only on time for 8 days 5 years ago-I am so thrilled I still remember every little detail : )
    Anyway-I am following you-I really liked your blog : )
    I'd love you followed too : )
    Please leave any comment!I'll be happy to answer <3
    Much lOVE.

  5. you're so lucky to be going to rome ! x

  6. I'm sorry!I had a little problem with that!I am officially a follower now!
    I love your blog : )You look so pretty..!

  7. your art is loooovely!!
    and passion pit is amazing :)

  8. My fave is the green one too. I love art, i used to do alot of it and havent lately, but its great therapy. Well done on your selection!
    I found your blog through other peoples comments, i clicked it because my sisters name is chloe!

  9. these are awesome! good job!

  10. Hey :) Thanks so much for you comment on my blog, as usual i really appreciate it! I Love your outfit below - its really cute. Oh, and I LOVE all those teeny DM's. I want the green ones :)
    Panda xx

  11. wow, your drawings are beautiful !
    no blog for 4 days !? missing it !
    ells, xo

  12. Bit late, but thought I would make a comment on these! I love your use of colour, shade and tone, good stuff there :) You've actually inspired me for a new blog: I did a whole GCSE project on shoes and I'm picking it up soon so I'll scan mine in too :)

    My favourite is the blue one!



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