Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Another Story

So I appear to have done the impossible (not really -- I'm just being melodramatic) and I've finally applied to university! My application officially went off quite a few weeks ago, on Friday 4th October. It was a really strange and scary moment, but an exciting one too! After weeks of drafting and redrafting my personal statement, as well as agonising over my university choices, it's really nice to have it finished and out of the way. In the end, I applied to study Economics & Management at Oxford and then pure Economics at UCL, LSE, Bristol & Edinburgh. I honestly love all 5 of my choices and would be extremely happy to attend any one of them, although I have to admit that my joint absolute favourite dream universities would be Oxford & UCL.

Since I first thought about sharing my applying-to-university experience on my little blog, I've actually received some news from my uni choices! I received an offer from Bristol University on Friday 25th October, which was an incredible feeling and such a nice surprise during the half term holidays. To have a uni actively want you to study their course is amazing. Bristol is a beautiful city and a fantastic university, especially for my chosen course of Economics!

However, my uni application process is not over yet! On Wednesday 6th November, I took the TSA admissions test for Oxford. It's basically a 2 hour test comprised of 50 multiple choice questions (problem solving and critical thinking questions) and an essay. Even though I felt as prepared as I could possibly be, it all kind of just went horribly wrong. I completely ran out of time, panicked throughout, found the questions impossible and just let the pressure get the better of me to be honest. My chosen course of Economics & Management is the most competitive course at Oxford, so chances of an interview are slim. I applied to Christ Church college, which only has 3 places for E&M, so I won't be holding my breaths for any good news. I'll most likely find out whether I have an interview in a few weeks (late Nov. - early Dec.)

Despite feeling pretty deflated about everything, I've just tried to push the idea of Oxford out of my head now. To be honest, for a few weeks, the idea of uni had just kind of escaped my mind as I didn't think I'd be hearing anything else for a while. However, last Wednesday, I received an email from UCL!!!!! In this email, they said that they were inviting me to an Open Day and that they intend to give me an offer! Basically, UCL have a policy that all applicants must attend an Open Day/interview day prior to receiving an offer. Luckily, I'm not required to attend an interview and the open day will just be a chance to hear more about the course, ask any questions and get a tour of UCL! That's gonna be happening next week on Wednesday 27th November and I am beyond excited! As I mentioned before, UCL is my joint-favourite university and I feel so incredibly lucky and happy to be expecting an offer from them! I'm also looking forward to having an excuse to roam around London for the day!

On another note, it feels like my life right now is both insanely busy yet boring at the same time. Feeling tired all the time isn't great, but I guess it's good to keep busy now that it feels like the goalposts are finally in sight and uni will be here before I know it -- or so I'm told. My offer for both UCL & Bristol are A*AA, so I'm gonna need to work my socks off in order to achieve that. However, I promise you that my life is not all work and no play. In fact, I did venture into town last week to see the German Market and eat pretzels with my friends, which was a lot of fun! However, I'm now nursing a terrible sore throat and drowning my sorrows in cups of tea, cough sweets and cheese on toast!
  photo Lomogram_2013-11-16_06-51-36-PM_zps9bde315d.jpg 
^^^ The German market!!! ^^^
 photo GermanMarket1_zps0b489ae0.jpg
^^^ Pretzels ^^^
 photo Lomogram_2013-11-16_06-08-40-PM_zps7eaebfa5.jpg
 photo GermanMarket2_zps2b51ee51.jpg
 photo November1_zpse7049b4f.jpg
 photo Lomogram_2013-11-16_06-46-54-PM_zps6ea9c020.jpg
^^^ I love Birmingham this time of year ^^^

I admit, this will probably be a pretty boring post for most of you, but I just felt like sharing my applying-to-uni experience and give you all an update on how I'm doing! I literally can't wait for uni and I'm so excited for it - September 2014 can't come soon enough!

Hope you're all well!
Chloe. X

P.S. I am obsessed with The Head and the Heart's new album, Let's Be Still. I have had their song 'Another Story' on repeat for the past few weeks. I highly recommend that you check them out.


  1. That's incredible! very well done on Bristol and UCL! Don't push Oxford out your head just yet, you never know after all! I wish you the best of luck with your studies too and I know you'll be working your socks off to achieve those grades, you'll do it definitely!

    Thanks for your comment too, I'd love to see your drawings!

    I still need to go to the German Market, I only live around 30 minutes away too so I have no excuses really!

  2. I've just found your blog and I'm really enjoying reading it. Well done for your offers and lots of luck for your day at UCL tomorrow, I hope you love it there! I'm at the same stage as you; I sent my UCAS off a few weeks ago but it's so strange to think we'll be at university in ten months' time. I still don't think I've really got my head around that! And yes, don't forget about Oxford, you never know what they'll say! Fingers are crossed for you! xo

  3. Awww I love that you are from Birmingham too (I live in Solihull). The German market is awesome isn't it? So cold though so I always wrap up warm! Good luck with your UCAS applications, you are super smart! I'm sure that wherever you go you will succeed. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment :)

  4. Well done! I've just sent off my UCAS application (a week ago) and all my friends have already got offers - it's so scary! What makes it worse is that I've applied to Social Work so I have to have interviews for every university if they decide they like me :( Oh well, it's all part of the fun - eeek! Good luck!x

  5. What exciting news! You must be so proud of yourself - especially since more than one Uni wants you!

    x Jasmine


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