Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Bottom Of The Sea Blues

This past month has been hectic, just as I'm sure the next few weeks will be as well! I'm applying for university next week. At this current moment in time, I have only 3 of my 5 choices made. I still need to complete my personal statement and receive feedback from my teachers. It all seems a bit ridiculous that it's all happening so soon... I suppose it finally means that I'm growing up! I just wish I wasn't so fickle and indecisive. I'm definitely gonna have to have all my choices made by the weekend! Wish me luck! So amidst the return to school and being thrust into the A2 syllabus, it hasn't really left me much time to blog! I feel terrible for neglecting this blog, but at the moment, blogging is literally the last thing on my mind. (That sounds really bad... But better to be honest, I suppose!) Hopefully, once my uni application is in, I'll be able to relax a little bit and get back into the swing of things. :-)

Anyway... A couple of weeks ago, I was feeling really fed up and sick of my overgrown hair. My last haircut was well over a year ago, while on holiday in Taiwan. So, I decided to just cut a load of my hair off. I really like this new cut, it feels a lot nicer and I think the length is quite flattering. TA-DA!!!

In other news... I've got tickets to see Johnny Flynn on 8th October! At the moment, I'm making do with his new singles. 'Bottom of the Blue Seas' is beautiful. Can't wait for the new album.

Hope you're all well! Sorry for this boring post, but thought I'd give you all a small update. :-)

Chloe. X


  1. How does applying for Uni work over there? Down here we take an Australian-wide test and are given a number from 1-25 (1 is the best) and from there we can apply to certain degrees at certain Uni's. You need a certain number (called an OP - Overall Position) to be able to get into better courses. When I graduated it was things like a 6 for journalism, 11 for Arts, 3 for Science etc. And then you were told which courses you could accept at which Uni's.

    Love your new hair cut!

    x Jasmine

  2. Hi Jasmine!

    Wow, I had no idea that the Australian system was so different! In terms of pre-uni requisites, most English students complete GCSEs at age 16. Then, from age 17-18, most students study 3 A-level subjects, though some people can take more. Students complete AS-levels in the first year of A-level and they complete A2-levels in the second year. At the start of the second year, students apply to up to 5 specified courses (either at 5 different universities or even 2/3/4/5 different courses at the same university though the latter option is unlikely). Everyone must submit one personal statement (which goes to each university) demonstrating why they want to study that particular course, so it's easier to write this if you apply for the same course at 5 different unis. When making offers, universities will usually base their decisions on GCSEs, AS-level results, A2 predicted grades, the personal statement and the school teacher's reference. Then, universities will usually make conditional offers, e.g. A*AA/AAA/AAB/ABB, etc. which the students must achieve in order to get into that university! Universities vary their grade requirements depending on demand/prestige of the course & university, etc. I hope that makes sense!

    And thanks! :-)
    Chloe. X


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