Sunday, 9 September 2012

Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key

Hi! I started back at school on Monday and it feels like I've been back for five weeks, not five days! It's insane how tiring this past week was, although I guess I am enjoying studying only a few subjects instead of 13 subjects like I was in Year 11! So yeah, Sixth Form has been quite good so far and I'm studying: Maths, Further Maths, Economics, Chemistry and Latin this year! I'm pretty worried about the onslaught of work that I will undoubtedly get, but I'm hoping that I can keep on top of it all and manage to get some good grades at the end of it. It's really scary to think that I'll be applying for unis in just a year's time!

Anyway, here are a couple of photos from a few weeks ago:

1. Topshop dress, Bill Amberg bag, Ray Ban sunglasses
2. Pretty pink sky on the drive back home

I love that second photo with the summer night sky and the unexpected bokeh effect in the background. It reminds me of summer, relaxing, sing-alongs in the car and just being happy. The weather has been uncharacteristically lovely for early September, but of course it would be sunny for when we have to go back to school..!

Anyway, I should be back with a recipe in my next post. It's not something I've ever done on this blog before, but just thought I'd let you know beforehand. I love food, but I'm not exactly the best baker / cook... Haha, anyway, hope you're all well! Happy blogging :-D

Chloe xxx

P.S. Love Billy Bragg.

P.P.S. Please check out my friend, Sarah's new blog: Freckled Fennell! She is one talented girl and is off to Bath to study textile design! Her blog will be a documentation of her journey at university and I can already see that her blog will become one of my daily reads. So please please please check it out! :-)


  1. Firstly, LOVE your dress!!
    Secondly, have loved catching up and hearing about your first week in sixth form, it makes me miss it so much! Also, realising how much you've grown up, I can't quite believe it!
    Thirdly, YAY for recipe posts - share the baking love.

    And lastly, thanks for the shout out you lovely, lovely girl. You're a star ;)


  2. Woah some very impressive subjects, you'll do well I know it! I'm the most rubbish at person at Maths. I'm hoping to re-take my GCSE one next year though so hopefully it'll open more options.

    Your dress is so pretty, as is the photographs

  3. Your photography is so good/lovely! Well jell there Tam. And nice dress ;) (I've accepted that when I compliment people like that, I'm just GOING to sound creepy). Another thing we have in common: taking aimless pictures of the sky. Although in your case, it actually is uber cool.

    -1/3 of the triplet x


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