Saturday, 14 May 2011

Jesus Christ

So instead of getting stuck into revision for my exams which start on Monday, I'm far too busy procrastinating and getting back into my blogging! Nevertheless, here's a little outfit post thing

Shirt - Zara (£30, present)
Blazer - MaxMara (present)
Bag - Mulberry (hand-me-down)
Leggings (unseen) - H&M (£6)

On Friday, I bid farewell to a very stylish sixth-former friend of mine, who is just about to go on study leave for her A2 exams, after which she'll embark on a new journey to University to read English Language. This future editor-to-be is Isabella (Izzy) from Bella's Boutique and I have loved getting to know her through our blogs and through school too. I can tell that she is going places after she leaves Five Ways and embarking into an even more fabulous FW - the Fashion World, where I have it on good authority that she'll be editor of her own magazine one day! She's undoubtedly one of the coolest people I know, so check out her blog

Anyway, that's all for today, I shall try and blog more after my exams. Have a lovely weekend and happy blogging! :-)

Chloe xxx


  1. Love your jacket... I'll have to check that Bella's Boutique out xo

  2. First off, LOVE THE MULBERRY! You're so lucky with all your designer gifts! I'm hoping to become a genius charity shopper and find great things like yours, maybe you can show me your shopping ways one day too :)

    And most importantly, thank you so much! You are so kind and sweet and stylish, I have really enjoyed becoming your friend and I want to stay in touch no matter where our careers take us. This post means a lot to me! I might be in Sussex but I'll always be style-stalking your blog

    Lots of love


  3. That shirt and blazer go SO nicely together, the colours are awsome!

    Bella's Boutique is an awesome blog, thanks for the heads up!


  4. I love your blunt fringe :)

    x Jasmine

  5. that bag is so cute! i love the little tree sign :)

    (also, thank you for your comment! i agree about zooey, she is absolutely wonderful. so is england, so is one day, and ESPECIALLY doctor who. absolutely adore that show with everything inside of me!)



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