Sunday, 17 April 2011

Fast Car


So I suppose that my promise to be more consistent with my blogging didn't exactly become a reality.
My whole week has been absorbed with revision, reading, eating lots and generally chilling out and not doing a lot, which is probably why I haven't really had much motivation to post anything. I have a few things planned for next week so I will definitely be getting out and about before returning back to the daily grind of school!
These photos are just some really bad-quality ones from this Polandroid app on my sister's phone which is really fun to use - the picture's are usually better, but they just didn't come up so well on my laptop. The first one's just of me in my hand-me-down Mulberry t-shirt, the second is of my Ray Ban sunnies and a brilliant book, the third is one of my favourite Zara shirts to wear in the sun. :-)

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend! I spent all today watching Ace of Cakes, Bride and Prejudice (such a feel-good film!) and Spiderman (James Franco...). I also wanna show you a few drawings that I've done recently, but I forgot to photograph them. They'll be coming up soon hopefully! Sorry for being so MIA for a while! Happy blogging.

Chloe xxx


  1. I love High Fidelity! I've just finished reading the book, the film is pretty good too :)


  2. Those Zara shirts look gorgeous, and I look forward to seeing these drawings xo

  3. I love stripes! I seriously can't get enough of stripey shirts at the moment.

    x Jasmine


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