Monday, 26 July 2010

Catch Me If You Can

Hey bloggians! Sorry I haven't blogged for a while, even though I thought I would do so more, now that it's the summer holidays, but I've been awfully lazy and just basically done nothing. I went out yesterday with the family and sorted out holiday stuff and then went to play tennis with my sister, brother and father. Other than that, I've been having a complete Gossip Girl marathon on the internet, because I've missed loads of the episodes so felt that now was the right time to start! Anyway, thanks for all the congratulations on my last post about my awards, feels great to have people supporting me!

Anyway, lack of doing things = lack of blogging.
Actually, doing lots of things = lack of blogging too.

It seems that blogging at regular intervals is a pretty hefty feat. One which I am aiming to conquer soon as I'll be doing lots of things and when I'm off in London and America, I am guaranteed to have internet access so hopefully, lots more blogging! Anyway, here are a few photos over the last week or so:

I love orchids! They're my favourite flowers, along with freesias and roses.
Cookie Dough ice cream and a film on a hot, humid day = perfect.
Vanity in all its pride and glory... Not really.
Really simple outfit, to be honest. A H&M shirt underneath which was a mere £3 in the sale. And my favourite Gap top which was £5 in the sale.
Me on a school trip, at the theatre in Manchester, getting a latte and waiting for Charley's Aunt to commence. My outfit is a black sheer dress with a slip underneath from Debenham's sale and a gifted Marc by Marc Jacobs blazer.

Today, I did gardening for my mother and also cleared out my wardrobe. Then a little more chilling and now I'm writing this blog! Tomorrow is going to be dedicated to doing nothing apart from take photos and eat food. Then on Wednesday, I'm going shopping with my sister and a friend. Cue lots of window shopping and sighing at overpriced clothes and DSLR cameras. I really really really want one, but lack of funds are preventing me from doing so! Then I'm off to my grandma's on Thursday to sort out America stuff with my aunty and then off to London on Friday. Can't wait!

Hope you're all having amazing holidays! Happy blogging!
Chloe xxx

P.S. Did any of you catch Catch Me If You Can on BBC the other night? A Spielberg film based on the true life story of Frank Abagnale, Jr., a man who conned millions of money out of forging cheques and took on the role of many different identities and careers. I absolutely loved this film and I urge you all to see it!


  1. mmmmm ice cream! i love ice cream

  2. nooo.... not cookie dough ice cream you should have totally gone for chunky monkey thats my favourite.

    About america, we have a 'condo' (LOL) in florida so i have been there quite a lot, but ive not really been any where else. So i think its going to be just the most amazing experience EVER. Your going to have an amazing holiday i can already tell, holidays are just the best and i'm off to greece on the 2nd of August with the girls and i can not wait!! and lastly im going to go my haul tonight.... when packages arrive its just simply the best thing EVER!!


  3. DSLR's are great. If you ever have the chance to buy one - do it! Maybe you can get a cheaper one duty free when you travel?

    x Jasmine

  4. Loving the outfits, as well as the cookie dough love. ^_^
    Mmm speaking of DSLRs, that's going to be my 21st birthday present in November! Apparently all my family are clubbing together to buy me one. So instead of lots of little presents, I get one awesome one. And I'm totally cool with that!
    I'll share it with you if you move a little bit further north, hahaha!
    And I tried watching Catch Me If You Can a few years ago, and I didn't manage to get through it all. It bored me a little. =/ But I was younger then so I may give it another go, now that my attention span has increased a litt-OOOH SOMETHING SHINY!!

  5. This is such a cute outfit! I LOVE that blouse! The collar is so perfect and dainty!

  6. i love catch me if you can! such a good film! i like that pretty flower too :) xxx


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